Let me recommend a book!

Namaste folks!

It’s time for another book recommendation! Yaayy!

This month, I’d like to recommend the following book:

This is the novel The mysterious Affair at Styles by the british Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie.

Poirot, a Belgian refugee of the Great War, is settling in England near the home of Emily Inglethorp, who helped him to his new life. His friend Hastings arrives as a guest at her home. When the woman is killed, Poirot uses his detective skills to solve the mystery.

Where to start!? I wanted to read this for a long time already since I love the Poirot books by Agatha Christie! I LOOOVE them! Now I just recently joined a bookclub and this is the second book we read there. It’s somehow special, since it is the first ever book by Christie.
The mysterious Affair at Styles has everything a good Mystery Crime Novel needs. Original Characters who all somehow seem suspicious, an intriguing plot and a quirky little belgian detective. I also liked how charming it was. In the end you don’t always need blood shedding, violence and a gutter mouth to create a pageturner. Thank you Christie!


Reading challenge

Namaste folks!

Hui I am almost a little late for this one! But just almost xD The challenge for this months read was to read a book with a beautiful cover and so I did! I hope you’ll enjoy reading my review of:


This is Death comes to Pemberley by P.D. James

The year is 1803, and Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet have been married for six years. There are now two handsome and healthy sons in the nursery, Elizabeth’s beloved sister Jane and her husband Bingley live nearby and the orderly world of Pemberley seems unassailable. But all this is threatened when, on the eve of the annual autumn ball, the guests are preparing to retire for the night when a chaise appears, rocking down the path from Pemberley’s wild woodland. As it pulls up, Lydia Wickham – Elizabeth Bennet’s younger, unreliable sister – stumbles out screaming that her husband has been murdered.

I bought this book when my linda Fiorella recommended it to me, but shame on me it lasted quite some time untouched on my shelf. I did love the premise, as I am madly in love with Mr. Darcy and everything Austen (who isn’t??) so I was quite excited for this read. As for the cover, This is the hardcover edition and I loved it simplicity and that there is just half a carriage. The little things are what matter, right?

As for my read, as I already said – I wanted this book to by my next favourite book. I wanted to love it! And what can I say? It was an ok read. Nothing for an Austen purists though, there were lots of little things that annoyed my a little. It seemed like if the author tried to imitate Austens writing style, but after a few chapters it fades. Also although six years already passed since the happenings of Pride and Prejudice and the characters still keep referring to them as if all happened just yesterday. There was very little interaction between Jane and Mr. Darcy, pages and pages of monologues instead. Also, surprisingly, noone seemed to care for solving that murder for most of the book! Lucky for them it got cleared up anyway in the end xD

Summa Summarum, it’s an easy read, enjoyable, but no huge world literature. It was nice, perfect for a summer night with some wine at the side 🙂


my copy 😀


Reading challenge

Namaste folks!

This month the challenge was “One word title”. 😀

This is Sovay by the british writer Celia Rees.

It’s England, 1783. When the rich and beautiful Sovay isn’t sitting for portraits, she’s donning a man’s cloak and robbing travelers—in broad daylight. But in a time when political allegiances between France and England are strained, a rogue bandit is not the only thing travelers fear. Spies abound, and rumors of sedition can quickly lead to disappearances. So when Sovay lifts the wallet of one of England’s most powerful and dangerous men, it’s not just her own identity she must hide, but that of her father. A dazzling historical saga in which the roles of thieves and gentry, good and bad, and men and women are interchanged to riveting effect.

I had this book for a long time on my TBR already because I loved the books Witch Child and Pirates by Celia Rees, but Sovay really can’t hold up with these other great novels.

I have to give Sovay, that the plot idea is really cool, I like these stories with strong women that try to fight against set conventions, and the heroine of this book is certainly a strong character. Hers and the other characters are very well developed, it was fun to get to know them and I liked Sovay. Also, the historical content was very well researched. I love it, when you learn a little something reading historical fiction.
But, and here comes my big BUT: I felt like the writer was a little overambitious writing this book. There are several plot ideas which could have filled easily a triology, but rather were all just stuffed in one novel and in the end no one knows what the heck is going on there. There are plenty of great ideas, but the writer just scrathed the surface and never went on with it and rather presented another plot idea. It’s just messy. Plot ideas lying around everywhere 😛
In the end – I’d give 2 stars out of five

Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

It’s book recommendation time! Are you sitting on the edge of your seat, jumping up and down in excitment? No? Fair enough ^^’

Still, this month book is a really cool one:


This is “Mister God, this is Anna” by the british writer “Fynn”.

Anna was only four years old when Fynn found her on London’s fog-shrouded docks. He took her back to his mother’s home, and from that first moment, their times together were filled with delight and discovery. Anna had an astonishing ability to ask–and to answer–life’s largest questions. Her total openness and honesty amazed all who knew her. She seemed to understand with uncanny certainty the purpose of being, the essence of feeling, the beauty of love. You see, Anna had a very special friendship with Mister God.

My mother gave this book to me a couple of years ago, along with the words that it touched her deep inside and that she would love me to read it. I have to say, that the title did not appeal to me very much, I wouldn’t consider myself as a very religious person and the book remained untouched for quite some time. But when I actually read it I understood why my mother wanted me to read it. It’s the very beautiful story of a 4 year old and her views on the world which are very clear, simple and maybe true? It is not so much of a religious book after all, although “Mister God” plays a rather important roll in little Annas world. I’d say it’s more philosophical then religious.
This book will make you think, it will make you cry and it will make you smile. It’s great.

Reading challenge

Namaste folks!

Another reading challenge! Oh joy! The task was to read a book that was written by a female writer. Sounds easier than it was xD

Stupid me read 4 books in total. The first two were german books and I only learned later that there was no english tranlation (you might think that I would have learned my lesson after reading the first book – but no :P).

I also read the new Harry Potter play (loved it!), until I realized, that Joanne K. Rowling didn’t  write it, and that the person who actually wrote it was male xD

So in the end I read this one:


This is Pirates! a book by the british writer Celia Rees.

Nancy Kington, daughter of a rich merchant, suddenly orphaned when her father dies, is sent to live on her family’s plantation in Jamaica. Disgusted by the treatment of the slaves and her brother’s willingness to marry her off, she and one of the slaves, Minerva, run away and join a band of pirates.

For both girls the pirate life is their only chance for freedom in a society where both are treated like property, rather than individuals. Together they go in search of adventure, love, and a new life that breaks all restrictions of gender, race, and position.

I already read two books by Celia Rees, Witch Child and Sorceress, wich are both great books and so I did expect this book to be awesome as well.

What can I say – it is a good book. I liked the fact, that even though Nancy and Minerva are women in a patriachal society, they are able to find their own paths. They dress as men and join a pirates life, and as we all learned from Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirates are awesome!

I like the fact, that you can watch Nancy grow as a person, from the little girl that did what she was told to do,to the young woman that stood for that what she believed in and who wanted to choose her own faith.
There is also some subtle romance going on, but really innocent. That bothered me a little to be honest, as I enjoy a good romance, but in the end, it is still a great book and I’d recommend it to anyone!


Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

I just noticed, that I need to read more. I had a hard time finding a book to recommend this month ^^’ What do I need to read next? What are you currently reading? Share in the comments 😀

So for this month, I’d like to recommend the following book:


This is The Magicians’ Guild by the australian writer Trudi Canavan.

Each year the magicians and guards of Imardin drive the poor and the deprived from their glorious city into the outlying slums that are a hatchery for crime and resentment. The noble houses and the powerful Magician’s Guild turn a blind eye to the misery and are shocked and outraged when a young slum girl, Sonea, breaks through their magical shields by throwing a stone.
Fearing for her live Sonea tries to vanish into the slums, but her hunters are merciless. They fear an uncontrolled eruption of her untrained but devastating powers and do everything to capture her before it’s too late.
Meanwhile the Magician’s Guild is splitting into fractions. Most magicians are in favour of blocking Sonea’s powers and throwing her back into the slums, for never before in living memory there has been a magician from the lower classes. Others see in her unequalled magical potential and the chance to balance the social injustices.
But Sonea is still on the run and unsuspectingly guards a deadly secret that has the power to demolish the guild and their High Lord Akkarian.

This is the first book of a great triology you are going to LOVE if you are a fan of fantasy novels. I like a book with a strong female character and Sonea is most definetley a very strong person. In some ways it reminds me a little bit of Harry Potter,which is great, because I like Harry Potter 😀
Be prepared. It starts off a little slow, but it gets great eventually (especially when you go on with the series!)



Reading challenge

Namaste folks!

Another reading challenge! This time I found it a little more difficult to choose a book, as the task was simply: Read a book that is set in Europe. My own fault, as I set the task, but well, you learn from your mistakes ^^

Neithertheless, in the end – I chose this book:



This is the cathedral of the sea by the spanish writer Ildefonso Falcones.

14th-century Spain, the medieval city of Barcelona is enjoying a golden age of prosperity. Its humblest inhabitants are building, stone by stone, a magnificent church to overlook their harbour. This is the Cathedral of the Sea: a church to be built for the people by the people.
In its shadow, Arnau, a young serf on the run from his feudal lord, struggles to earn his freedom. After famine, plague and thwarted love, Arnau’s fortunes begin to turn when King Pedro makes him a baron as a reward for his courage in battle. But he is also forced to marry Eleonor, a ward of the King whom he does not love. His newfound status excites jealousy from his friends who plot his downfall with devastating consequences. Arnau’s journey from slave to nobleman is the story of a struggle between good and evil that will turn Church against State and brother against brother …

I have read this book in spanish, the original title is la catedral del mar. It took me almost two weeks to read it, a big book, almost 700 pages ^^.
BUT! It is all worth to read! I could hardly put it away during the time I read it. It’s a great historical novel. You could almost say that it is an epic, because during the read we accompany young Arnau, and as he grows, the cathedral grows as well.
It resembles a little to certain books by Ken Follet, but I found it easier to read although all the topics you would expect did come up eventually: The plague, inquisition and  antisemitism, just to name a few. I looked up the cathedral “Santa María del Mar”, which is an actual building in Barcelona and I found out that the novel is very true to the actual history, so it is not only entertaining, but also pretty educational. I like that about a book.

I enjoyed that book. I’d recommend to read it 🙂