Weird and funny things that happend during my trips

Namaste folks!

Today it will be all about the weird and funny things that happend during my trips! I will limit myself to 2 stories, since I don’t want to bore you xD

I have been to Nepal in 2013. My boyfriend is Nepali and we went to visit his family and to celebrate Dashain (click con it to get further information), the biggest hindu festival in Nepal. We went to several temples in this time (I remember I always had to get up at like 4 in the morning xD) and one day we visited the Manakamana temple and (I am not lying) thousands of Nepali people were there to worship the goddess Bhagwati.
So, imagine thousands of nepali people (which tend to be not as tall as people in Germany) and one tall person, white as toast standing out like a multicoloured dog.
So, the funny part was that once we arrived to the temple (you have to go there by cable car, as it is on top of a mountain, loads of young nepalis came to me and they wanted to take a picture with me xD I think they took about 50 pictures haha. I have never been that popular in my life xD


Last year, me and a friend visited another friend of ours in Brussels and obviously we also did some sightseeing. We went to the justice palace and someone painted all the stautes finger and toe nails. It’s vandalism, sure, but at the moment we just could’t stop to laugh and everyone around was looking at us with big eyes xD




Another Travel Quiz

Namaste folks!

I like talking about traveling! Traveling is awesome 😀 So here comes another travel Quiz! Are you excited? Because I sure am!

1. If you could go on a holiday anywhere in Europe where would you go and why?
I would really ike to go to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. My sister already went there twice and she loved it. I have posted all the reasons why I love Prague already! Check it out *here*.

2. Where is the farthest you have traveled from where you live?
I checked this out on google maps xD So the farthest I ever traveled was to Chile: 12,179 km away from home.

3. If you could live in any other country where would you want to live and why?I already made my peace with the idea of living in Nepal one day, as my boyfriend (and husband to be) is nepali and is probably wanting to go back one day. Not today and not tomorrow, but one day for sure.

4. What is the prettiest city you have ever been to?
I loved Salzburg in Austria. I think all cities should have a river, it’s so great to walk along the water ♥ And I loved the old city center. ♥

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5. If you could on a holiday anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why did you choose that particular destination?
Changes all the time. One day I die to go to Vanuatu to see the underwatermailbox, the next day I want to go to Bolivia to make funny perspective picture in the salt desert. There are so many places waiting to get explored! Oh I would really like to go to Vietnam and wear one of these cool hats.

6. What is the most beautiful language? Is there a language you can’t stand?
I love spanish. I love the way it sounds, I like how diverse it is and I love the mentalaty it expresses. Spanish is also the foreign language I speak best.
I was thinking about a language I can not stand, but I really can’t think of any. I think all the language have something precious. Be it their sound, words that can’t be translated, funny slang, or a cool scripture.

7. Which languages do you speak?
Well since I am german, I speak german. I also know spanish, french, english and nepali. I study roman languages so I can read and understand most of these languages as well.

8. Is there a language you would like to learn?
I would like to learn another language that is not too similar to the ones I already know. So maybe a slavic language 😀

9. Have you ever been on a road trip? If so, where? If you haven’t, would you like to take a road trip?
I have not! But I imagine it to be really fun! I would definetley like to take a road trip! I would start in Canada and rive all the way down to Argentina! 😀

10. Do you buy something specific when visiting a foreign country?
I always buy fridgemagnets, I buy tons of postcards and I always buy earrings. I tend to buy loads of different stuff when I am traveling, but these three things are always a must ♥

11. What is your favourite season to travel?
I really don’t prefer any season. If it were for me I’d travel all year long xD

12. What kind of holiday do you prefer? Do you enjoy activities, shopping, sightseeing, lying on the beach?
I am not the “do nothing” kind of traveler. I like to explore places, I like to talk to natives, try new food, see the worlds wonders! Shopping? Yay! As I already said – I tend to buy loooots of stuff when I go traveling!

13. Do you think you could spend a whole year travelling around the world?
Easily. When can I start?




Why do I travel?

Namaste folks!

This time I am gonna talk a little bit about why I love it to travel 😀 If you like – share in the comments why YOU love to travel!


1. Because I gain new perspectives

Getting to know other countries, other cultures, other lives and other circumstances made me realize how lucky I am. Things I took for granted in Germany like being able to walk where and whenever I like, having enough to eat, having electricity and drinkable water at every time of the day were normal for me.
Seeing that people in El Salvador are risking their lives when they step out the door at nights, or people in Nepal get a shower at the fountain in the center of the village, because they dont have water at their home made me cherish the little things more. Also if it is just is the bus coming on time.


2. Because I learn about different cultures and languages

Like Albert Einstein said: “The important thing is to never stop questioning”. I love to be curious about the world, about its people and stories. There are so many interesting things to discover if you talk to the people and also listen to them. I love this. I also love to be able to talk to the locals in their own language. Sure, most people know at least some english, but they just tend to be more open when you are able to talk at least some basic stuff with them in their language. I love to see the people smile when I greet them in their language and when I am able to have a basic conversation. Also, I am bit of a language nerd. I got pretty “loca” about the el salvadorian “caliche”, the regional expressions and words they use.. I could go on and on about this topic ^^

3. Because I can see the wonders of mother nature with my own eyes

Always when I travel I get stunned by the things mother nature has to offer. Of course I can see those wonders in Germany too, but I feel that when I travel my eyes are more willing to see those wonders. I tend not to notice the little beautiful things in my normal life, when my head is filled with thoughts about work, the neighbours cat or taxes.. yuk

4. Because I like to discover new things!

Mostly food to be honest. I love to discover new food! New food is awesome. Food in general is awesome. I also love to discover new music! I think german music is great and thanks to globalization we also are flooded with american music, but there is so much more to explore!


5. Because I met awesome people and build friendships

So far I always met some really cool people along my travels. People I would never have met if I never had traveled. Just thinking about it makes me kinda sad, because many of these people have become very important to me. People I dont want to miss in my life.


6. Last but not least – because it is fun

I guess everyone can agree with me on that. If you are open to the experience, traveing can be lifechanging, it can widen your horizon and it can be a lot of fun! I love to travel!

If money wasn’t a problem I would travel to

Namaste folks!

I always love it to think about foreign places and countries! I am fascinated by the fact that there is so much diversity in culture in thinking in religion and in so many other things! There are a lots of  places I would like to visit badly. And I could never create a post to cover all of them, but I will give you my Top 3:

The Nazca lines in Perú

Ever since 12th grade I want to see these with my own eyes. I wrote my final essay in school about this famous landmark in the Peru pampas and I am fascinated by them ever since. I have this tattoo idea about the monkey image, and I would just love to see them with my own eyes. They only can be seen from above, so I will have to get into a helicopter (not my favourite part about this, as I am terryfied of heights) but I will do it anyway 😀

Lumbini, Nepal

I have been to Nepal already and I will go again next year probably, so this is going to be the first place of my list I am going to see. Yay! Lord Buddha was, unlike many people think, not born in India, but in Lumbini, Nepal. Lots of buddhist Nations come and built a temple to honor Buddha. You can see Thai temples, Indian temples, Cambodian temples, nepalese temples and so on and so on. It must be a great experience to see Lumbini.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, or the “golden city” as it is called as well, is a city I really would love to visit! My sister has been there and she tells me it is gorgeous. Also I think the picture speak for themselves. It is an awesome city!

Travel Quiz

Namaste folks!

I love to travel, so I was really looking forward to this Quiz 😀 If you decide to answer the questions as well, let me know!


1. How many countries have you been to?

El Salvador, Chile, Nepal, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Great Britain, Belguim

2. Have you traveled somewhere this year?

Yes, I have been to El Salvador in febuary/march



3. Do you have any travel plans for the rest of the year?

I am thinking about going to Prague (Czechia)  at some point and maybe to Austria for a weekend or so.. but nothing too big as we are saving up for our wedding next year 😀

4. Do you like traveling in your own country? What is your favourite place to visit?

Germany is a beautiful country with lots of marvellous spots! I recently went to Nürnberg, a pretty medieval town in Bavaria. Worth a visit!!


5. Have you ever traveled alone? If so, did you enjoy it? If not, would you like to?

I have not. I always went with friends of family, never alone.But I find it tempting! I think it would be a nice experience and I am definitely going to do it one day!

6. Have you ever stayed in a hostel?

Multiple times!

7. Do you have a travel bucket list?

I never wrote anything down. But there are some places I really want to visit badly. For example the Nazca lines in Peru and Tigers Nest in Bhutan!

8. If money wasn’t a problem, which places would you visit on a trip around the world?

Oh! I would just see EVERY country! Like this dude here:

9. Do you prefer to visit very touristy destinations or places that aren’t that crowded with tourists?

I like both things. I mean touristy spots are famous for a reason, so I enjoy to viit these as much as I like to see the places off the touristy roads where you can feel the real flair of the country.

10. Do you like trying new foods while traveling?

Jahaa! Food is a part of the culture and it is always interesting, yummy and exciting to discover new things 😀


11. Have you ever been on a cruise?

No, although I think it might be fun 🙂

12. Do you enjoy visiting UNESCO world heritage destinations?

I do very much! 😀

13. Do you collect souvenirs from your travels, for example magnets, postcards, t-shirts?

I always take a magnet and I buy loads of postcards ^^’

14. Do you read travel blogs? Or do you write a travel blog yourself?

I don’t read travel blogs on purpose.. sometimes I google a little bit and get stuck here and there, but I never go and search for one. They can be quite interesting though. I don’t have a travel blog, although I once on a while blog about my travel experiences here 🙂

15. What is your favourite place of those where you’ve been? This can be a country, city, beach…

I lost my heart to El Salvador and to Nepal, two really great countries and way underrated. But, I always find something awesome about the places I go to. Every place can be beautiful in its own way, if you are just open to see it 🙂

My last holiday

Namaste folks!

In Febuary/March 2016 I went to El Salvador again! It was no 100% holiday, but I had fun, so I guess it counts 🙂

I am active in the lutheran church of Munich and we have a partnership with the lutheran church of El Salvador, each 2 years there are youthmeetings where young people from El Salvador and Germany get to meet and to know each other. I took part in such meetings in 2014 in El Salvador and 2011 in Germany.

This year now, there was a special occasion where the partnership treaty was signed again and the dean of Munich and one deacon from the El Salvador committee went to El Salvador. They needed someone to translate and also someone to represent the youth, so they asked me and another guy from the youth to go with them! 10 days El Salvador for free and all I had to do is translate ♥ Awesome!

We did many great things like visiting Maya ruins of San Andrés and Joya de Cerén.

We also went to the Lake Ilopango! This is a volcano lake and it is so absolutely beautiful! We went there to visit a former refugee camp that is now a coffee plantation. Coffee is cultivated on high planes and the plantation almost does not look like it. It is the pure jungle! But when we actually got to climb up the hills the view was our reward

Another “Highlight” was the visit of a school. One church in Munich has a partnership with a school in El Salvador. They support them most of all financially so they took the chance to also visit the school, talk to the teachers and director. It is a very small school, only about 70 students, but everyone was so nice! The students actually dressed up for us and danced! We did a VLOG of our trip (obviously in german, though) but I put you the video of the students dancing, because it was just too cute!





My favourite picture of the month Febuary

Namaste folks!

Febuary was a great month for me! Vacations started and I had the great posibility to go to El Salvador again to acompany a german delegation 🙂 I was there to translate most of the time. I just returned two days ago and I am still not quite here again ^^


We visited a school in the rural area and the children prepared a dance for us. It was really nice and this kid here was just way more interested in his fingers than in dancing. He was so cute!


And here is one extra – this is the Mayasite San Andrés. These are pyramides! It was the hottest day ever – seriously, like 2732893°C !! But it was really interesting and I loved it there 🙂