What am I eating?

Namaste folks!

Yaay foodie time!

My breakfast:

I live in a bread nation!! In Germany, it is all about the bread. We got about (and I am not lying) 500 different types of bread. O this day, I had a breadbun (Semmel as we say here in Bavaria) with some goatcheese and cucumber. Yum!



2. A snack

Right behind the bread – there come the pastries. This one is called Quarcktasche (“quarkbag”) It is a puffpastry filled with a sweet quark. It is so yummy!




3. A cooked meal

My boyfriend is Nepali and when he is nice and behaves I cook Nepali food for him. This is Daal Bhat, a traditional dish from Nepal. It is basically rice, a lentil soup and some vegetables (in this case – potatoes and cauliflower). I also added some chicken here. I have posted a recipe for Nepali Daal Bhat already. You can look at it here *click*




Kitchen challenge!

Namaste folks!

This month I started a kitchen challenge which was: Bake a cake!

I a normally really no good baker, I rarely bake anything, but I thought – well, why not. It could go really bad, but at least you tried xD Instead of seeing all my expectations coming true I managed it quite ok, so yay here comes the result of my kitchen challenge:

I decided to bake a typical german cake, the Blackforest cake, or as we say in German: Schwarzwälderkirsch Torte.



100g dark chocolate
100g soft butter
150g sugar
2 Pkt Vanilla sugar
5 eggs
100g flour
50g cornstarch
50g grounded almonds
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1 glass sour cherries
Cherry jam
800g cream
4 tablespoons kirsch
chocolate slivers
grease for the form


1. For the dough break the chocolate into pieces and melt it in a bowl over a warm waterbath and let it cool (I used my minichocolate fondue, because that way it leaves me less things to clean afterwards xD). Mix the Butter, the sugar and one pkt of the vanilla sugar unitl it is frothy. Add the egg yolk and mix again. Stir the chocolate in, beat the eggwhites and stir in as well.

2. Mix the flour, the cornstarch, the baking powder and the almonds, sieve the mixture into the chocolate dough and mix again. Grease the form and put the dough in. Bake at 180°C for about 25 minutes. Let the sponge cake cool down and spit it into three layers

No huge difficulties so far. Only I did a stupid thing and forgot to add the baking powder. STUPID ME! The dough almost did not rise which was a little disappointing. So I also could just split it one time. But well.. in the end it was still yummy.

3. Take one base and sprinkle it with the kirsch and smear the jam upon it. Then arrange the half of the sour cherries on the base as well. and cover everything with cream. Put the second base upon the cream and do everything again with the second base. Put the last base ontop and cover everything with the rest of the cream. Decorate the cake with cherries and chocolate slivers.

As I forgot to put in the baking powder I just had 2 bases! Silly me ^^’

I had two friends over and we had a little kaffeeklatsch. It was really funny and we all liked the cake. We had tea and coffee and we all ate two slices. It was fun!!  My boyfriend also tried it later on and he really liked it too, which happens rarely as he has not really a sweet tooth.



It is a really easy cake to make (although it looks difficult). As long as you know how to read the list of ingredients (unlike me xD) you are safe. It was fun to make this cake, I’d definetly make it again!

Christmas photo scavenger hunt

Namaste folks,

I realize I am a bit late for the christmas photo scavenger hunt, but this has been a rather tough month for me, so I am a tad late. I hope you can forgive me this.

1. A picture with a “christmas-snack”


In Germany, it is all about the christmas cookies. There are sooo many and this year I made a lot of different kinds.
My all time favourites are “Zimtssterne” (cinnamonstars). Everything is better when it contains cinnamon!


2. Something that indicates that christmas is arriving


The minute I am able to listen to christmas songs I feel like christmas is there. This year this moment was on really late. I guess because of the weather. It was so warm this december, up to 12-14°C and that was just weird. (BTW yes – there is a filter on this picture ^^’)

3. Something red and white


That’s my cellphone screensaver ^^’ I need to get a new one now I guess ^^

4. A picture with a candle


This was the advent wreath we had. You might notice the Lord Ganesh picture – my boyfriend is Hindu and this christmas we kinda had a 50/50 decoration.

5. Something decorated christmassy


Germany is great with the christmas markets. They are called Christkindlmarkt and I love them very much! There are many little huts where they are vending snacks and hot beverages, also handicraft and all kinds of sweets and great stuff. They are always decorated really nicely and I really always enjoy going there with friends.


My breakfast

Namaste folks!

I am almost a little late to post about this, but I hope it’ll be fine after all!

Today I am gonna tell you about my breakfast! In Germany they say – breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I must say I normally don’t eat breakfast, usually I just take something to go, most of the time a Birchler Müsli (more about that later).

Today it is saturday tho and I had a Breznsemmel mit Käse. In Germany we are crazy about bread. No other country has more different types of it and every german person misses the bread when they are travelling abroad. It is very usual (at least here where I live) to eat a cold dinner: Bread with cheese or cold cuts. Many people also eat this for breakfast!

On the weekends now it is very common to eat little bread rolls with marmelade, cheese, nutella, or what ever you like. I had such a breadroll today, and a special one as well, as it was made out of pretzeldough. (Germany also claimes the invention of the pretzel btw). I had it with cheese.


I know the picture is shitty, but that was the best one I took (and I took like 20! There was never a breadroll that was photographed more often than this one – I swear!).

So, well as I said, normally I just get myself a Bircher Müsli, which origniates in Switzerland I assume, but it is very popular in Bavaria as well. I have to admit tho, that I never made one myself, but I should,and you most definetly should, because it is DELICIOUS!

Bircher Müsli-page-001

This is a very plain recipe! You should add what ever fresh fruits you like! I love it with melon, strawberries, grapes, kiwi…the possibilities are endless!

Recipe-time ♥

Namaste folks!

Here I have one absolutley great recipe from the german cuisine! I put this up for the “One recipe from your country swap”! Enjoy!

I have never really been a soup-kind-of person, but this lentil soup was always the exception! I could literally take a bath in this lentil soup (sounds gross somehow – now that I read it out loud…but neitherless – It is SO true!)

My mother makes the best lentil soup ever and I hope you enjoy it as well! It is really very good.