My favourite picture of the month October

Namaste folks!

October was a busy month for me and I had lots of pictures to choose from! I narrowed it down to just a few, I hope you enjoy them ^^


In the beginnings of October I went to visit a friend in our capital city, Berlin. I was there for 3 days and this picture I took in the Berlin subway as I found it funny! Unicorns are free to use the Berlin subway! If you ever look for a unicorn, maybe you find one there 😀


October also means autumn in Germany. And the leaves are changing its colours. I took this picture of the golden Mary statue in Pasing, a district of Munich.


Last week me and my boyfriend went to Bamberg, a little medieval town in upper Franconia (Bavaria, Germany). We have never been there and just went there for one day to look around and be a tourist. I took this picture of the rosegarden of the Bamberg residence. As it is autumn the roses already withered, but I still liked the trees and the greek statues. Bamberg is worth a visit if you ever are around!


Last but not least – I received this gorgeous card via and I thought.. Who am I to question a postcards orders? Haha. ^_^


7 days of food

Namaste folks!

The last 7 days I took pictures of my food!! Yummy yummy!

Day #1


It’s summer in Germany. And what do people like to eat when it is hot? Right! They eat icecream! I am no exception when it comes to that and I had some raspberry icecream! So yum ♥ The picture came out a little blurry, because I was taking the picture while walking.


Day #2


I love noodles in all its varieties and thank you Italy that there are so many types! So here I had some tagliatelle with mushrooms and pork. As you see I put looots of pepper. Pepper is the second best after noodles xD


Day #3


That’s a little snack I had the other day. A cold chocolate/cream/sweet/yummy thingie that originally belonged to my boyfriend. I stole it from him hihi. SHHHT don’t tell him!


Day #4


I know, I know. Looks awesome, right? Some friends and I meet up once a month to cook and to watch a Disneymovie. We call it our Disneydates. This evening we had a french night, and we ate loooots of french food and oh the cheese! It was so good. Cheese is so good! And we watched Ratatouille xD


Day #5


Take out. That’s indian food, which I love! This is rice with a Mango-Lamb sauce and some Naan Bread on the side. I could eat this every day.


Day #6


I went to a birthdayparty! And this is the piece I had. It was gigantic at first so I shared it with another guest. It was a chocolate cake with raspberries and strawberries and cream and more chocolate. I don’t know how she did it, but my friend covered some of the raspberries with some golden colour. Looked cool, tasted even better.


Day #7 


Noodles! This time I made spaghetti with a bolognese sauce. And because I think it’s yummy, I added corn and chili. Loots of Chili. 🙂



My favourite picture of the month June

Namaste folks!

For this month I got several favourite pictures, first of all, two pictures of my city. Munich:

I climbed up a the Old Peter’s church to shoot the first picture. The church with the two towers is called “Frauenkirche”, The Church of our dear Lady, one of the most significant buildings in the skyline of Munich. The other huge building is our city hall.

I took the other picture at the Karlsplatz (Karlsquare). I love that fountain there.


Newsflash: Germans are crazy about football (I am european – it’s football, not soccer xD). In 2014 we won the World Championsship and now we are going for the Europan Championsship. As I write this, Germany is playing against France. (Fingers crossed!). I am normally not at all into football. But I get excited when Germany wins! During a german game, the streets are empty, there are no cars out on the streets. Everybody is watching. And when I say everybody – I mean EVERYONE!


Last but not least – that’s me. I got some new glasses in June. My sister says I look like a real teacher now ^^


My favourite picture of the month May

Namaste folks!

Can you believe how fast the time wents by? I feel like yesterday was new years eve and today June is already starting! I guess I am getting old lol.

Well anyways I got some favourite pictures of this last month:



By the beginning of May there was an open bookshelf installed in my neighborhood: You can bring some old books you don’t like anymore and take some books you would like to read. I have been there three times already and brought some of my old books and I took the ones on he picture! Love this! Even  found a book in spanish ♥

Then about a week ago a friend of mine and her husband visited, it was a clear day and really warm and we could have some homemade strawberrycake in our garden. We were 4 people and we killed it, so yummy ♥



last but not least – on May 8th I thought I could give instagram a try and what can I say..I got kinda addicted! A whole new world of swapping and I LOVE it! 😀