Something that made me happy this month

Namaste folks!

There were several things that made me extra happy this month!

First of all – I love musicals and I go to the theatre as often as possible! It helps that one of my closest friends works at the german theatre here in Munich and hooks me up with free tickets all the time. I love her ♥

So this month I went to see two musicals:


This was Evita. A gorgeous Andrew-Lloyd-Webber Musical about the first Lady of Argentina. It was a great musical and the songs won all those Tonys for a reason! If you are not familiar with this musical – you should look it up! I linked the best known song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” for you to get an impression 😀


The other musical I saw quite recently was Westend Story. Another classic that stopped in Munich on their tour around the world. I have never seen that musical on stage, so it was kind of a big deal for me ♥


It was really gorgeous and I very much enjoyed it! I am a very avid user of instagram and I posted this very picture after the show and I got pretty surprised as some of the actors commented on it! I was in musical nerd heaven!



As you might know April 23th was World Book Day and I went to a party! Amazon Germany is settled in Munich and as they started off with books they celebrated a party and invited everyone to come. They had free cake, coffee, hotdogs, readings, and, most important – free books! They installed an open bookshelf and you could bring a book and take books. There were used ones and new ones! I brought one and in the end I walked off with 8. It was awesome ♥


😀 I hope you had a nice month as well!




Something that made me happy this month

Namaste folks!

How was March for you?

Spring finally showed up here and the sun came back from her vacations. Finally! Yesterday we had almost 25 degrees and I can’t wait for the summer to begin. Winter was just too cold.

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I did one cool thing I would like to share ♥ A friend of mine works at a local theatre where they often show Musicals and she gets free tickets all the time. I love that – because I love musicals and I also love to get into cool shows for free ^^ This month she got me a ticket for a little show (it was more like a soirée). Two people where performing songs by Stephen Sondheim. It was awesome, not only because of the musical itself, but also because of the room. The “Silbersaal” (silverhall) at the “deutsches Theater” (german theatre) is from 1896 and it looks fabulous. The chandelier is one of the biggest and most beautiful ones I ever saw ♥ It was a great day 😀


Something that made me happy this month

Namaste folks!

There were a few things that really made me happy and beeing able to share them with you is definetly another thing that makes me smile!

I love to take part in producttesting, you know when you get free stuff from companies and then blog about your experiences. I LOVE that and in febuary I got quite a lot of stuff:

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I am also that kinda person that takes part in every give away and in every prize draw I come across. I won an amazon crediting and I got myself 7 books ^^


I love books ^^ and I already read 3 of them haha ^^

I also loved that the spring finally arrived in the last days of febuary. We really had a cold winter and it is so good to see the sun again ♥



What things did make you happy this last month?

My favourite pictures of the month January

Namaste folks!

It’s time for the favourite pictures of my January! A rather exciting month 😀


Important things first: I turned 25 this month. I feel so old haha. I felt even older when my little sister came by to bring me some flowers. I mean she never got me flowers ever before and I think we both felt incredibly grown-up when she gave them to me.



My mother got me a Nepali/Tibetan cookbook for christmas and I was cooking a lot of things from that book recently. I have grown quite fond of the food in Nepal and I liked to cook authentical food from there (as authentic as one can cook recipes from there in Germany).



Whilst there fell not one single snowflake down in december, january was very snowy and cold. Here in the south we got down to -15°C. I took this photo right down the street, about 20 metres away from my doorstep. It was really early and it looked so peaceful and beautiful 😀


My favourite picture of the month October

Namaste folks!

October was a busy month for me and I had lots of pictures to choose from! I narrowed it down to just a few, I hope you enjoy them ^^


In the beginnings of October I went to visit a friend in our capital city, Berlin. I was there for 3 days and this picture I took in the Berlin subway as I found it funny! Unicorns are free to use the Berlin subway! If you ever look for a unicorn, maybe you find one there 😀


October also means autumn in Germany. And the leaves are changing its colours. I took this picture of the golden Mary statue in Pasing, a district of Munich.


Last week me and my boyfriend went to Bamberg, a little medieval town in upper Franconia (Bavaria, Germany). We have never been there and just went there for one day to look around and be a tourist. I took this picture of the rosegarden of the Bamberg residence. As it is autumn the roses already withered, but I still liked the trees and the greek statues. Bamberg is worth a visit if you ever are around!


Last but not least – I received this gorgeous card via and I thought.. Who am I to question a postcards orders? Haha. ^_^

My top 5 favourite restaurants

Namaste folks!

This time I am going to take you on a culinary cruise through all my favourite restaurants in Munich. I do not go out very often, because it is expensive, but I still enjoy it very much every time I can.

1. Yak & Yeti – Nepalese kitchen


My boyfriend is Nepali and we enjoy it a lot to go there. The owner knows us and we always get a free appetizer or a nepali chiya-tea. I love their nepali Thali ♥ So yummy!


2. Augustiner Keller – bavarian kitchen


Augustiner is one of the 5 big breweries in Munich, and one of the best beers in the world. The Augustiner Keller is a very good restaurant right in the centre of Munich where they serve very good bavarian food.


3. Pasta e Basta – italian kitchen


I like this restaurant because it is not very expensive. Perfect for the small wallet of a student. But it is no fast food, but really good italian pizza and pasta. They also have great salads!


4. Taj Mahal – indian kitchen


I looooove indian food! Really, I could eat indian food all day long! I used to live right next to this restaurant and I was there a lot! Nowadays just every once in a while, but I still very much enjoy going there! ♥


5. Ysenegger – Cocktails and Burger


This one is great for going out with friends. I celebrated various birthdays here and I love the Classic Burger with sweet potatoe fries!

My favourite picture of the month August

Namaste folks!

Right, right, right. I admit it. I play Pokémon Go. I LOVE that game! I like how it makes me go out and explore the city I live in all over again. August in Germany means heat, it means summer and it means vacations. So I had plenty of free time this month and I was out a lot to catch myself some Pokémon.

So this month I took plenty of pictures of my city: Munich and I am sharing some of my favourite pictures now with you! Hope you like them 🙂


This is a picture I took in the very heart of Munich in the Court Garden (Hofgarten). In the picture you see the Diana temple. A beautiful pavilion from the Renaissance. Everytime I pass there there is someone inside playing the cello and it is beautiful to walk by the flowers and fountains by a soundtrack of Mozart.


Right beside the Court Garden, there is the Munich Residence. One of the many palaces in Munich, and the biggest city palace in Germany. I passed there and the shadows caught my eye.

Through Munich there passes the Isar-river. I think every city should have a river, itis just too beautiful to walk along its borders and to smell the fresh water. The Bridge on the picture is called Luitpold-bridge and leads straight to the golden Angel of peace, which is a reminder of the 25 peaceful years after the Franco-German war of 1870/71.
I missed to take a picture of the beautiful fountain on foot of the Angel. It’s very pretty. Maybe next month 🙂


I found this on a street light in Downtown Munich. This is the symbol of our coat of arms. It is called “Münchner Kindl“, the “Munich child”.


At the Museumsinsel (Isle of Museums) in Munich, where loads of Museums of Art, of Technic, Art Galleries can be found, there are also lots of statues and Art installations. One of them is this statue, I call it “gazing man” (no idea how it is called in reality). It was already in the evening when I took this picture and I really like this one.