Something that made me happy this month

Namaste folks!

There were several things that made me extra happy this month!

First of all – I love musicals and I go to the theatre as often as possible! It helps that one of my closest friends works at the german theatre here in Munich and hooks me up with free tickets all the time. I love her ♥

So this month I went to see two musicals:


This was Evita. A gorgeous Andrew-Lloyd-Webber Musical about the first Lady of Argentina. It was a great musical and the songs won all those Tonys for a reason! If you are not familiar with this musical – you should look it up! I linked the best known song “Don’t cry for me Argentina” for you to get an impression 😀


The other musical I saw quite recently was Westend Story. Another classic that stopped in Munich on their tour around the world. I have never seen that musical on stage, so it was kind of a big deal for me ♥


It was really gorgeous and I very much enjoyed it! I am a very avid user of instagram and I posted this very picture after the show and I got pretty surprised as some of the actors commented on it! I was in musical nerd heaven!



As you might know April 23th was World Book Day and I went to a party! Amazon Germany is settled in Munich and as they started off with books they celebrated a party and invited everyone to come. They had free cake, coffee, hotdogs, readings, and, most important – free books! They installed an open bookshelf and you could bring a book and take books. There were used ones and new ones! I brought one and in the end I walked off with 8. It was awesome ♥


😀 I hope you had a nice month as well!




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