Something that made me happy this month

Namaste folks!

How was March for you?

Spring finally showed up here and the sun came back from her vacations. Finally! Yesterday we had almost 25 degrees and I can’t wait for the summer to begin. Winter was just too cold.

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I did one cool thing I would like to share ♥ A friend of mine works at a local theatre where they often show Musicals and she gets free tickets all the time. I love that – because I love musicals and I also love to get into cool shows for free ^^ This month she got me a ticket for a little show (it was more like a soirée). Two people where performing songs by Stephen Sondheim. It was awesome, not only because of the musical itself, but also because of the room. The “Silbersaal” (silverhall) at the “deutsches Theater” (german theatre) is from 1896 and it looks fabulous. The chandelier is one of the biggest and most beautiful ones I ever saw ♥ It was a great day 😀



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