Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

It time for another book recommendation! Yeehaw! This is going to be big. Believe me. Tremendously. Fantastic. No alternative facts this time.


This is the novel “Bad Karma” by the german writer David Safier.

Kim Karlsen is not what you would call a model mother or wife or even human being.  She leaves the parenting to her stay-at-home husband while she works at her high-profile television career.  She rarely sees her daughter, she mistreats her employees, she cheats on her husband.  But whatever, she has just won a big award, and the world is her oyster!  Until a piece of debris from a Russian space station falls on her and kills her.  She realizes that because of her bad behavior, she has been reincarnated as an ant, and must redeem herself if she ever hopes to achieve the status of, let’s say, a dog.
And she works at it.  She moves through the hierarchy of the animal kingdom, from ant, to worm, to guinea pig, to cat, to dog.  While she is busy earning good Karma points, and trying to better herself, she is able to spy on her grieving widower and daughter.  To her horror, she sees that her “best friend” is trying to take her place!  She also sees that her husband and child really did love her and miss her, despite her faults.  The problem is…it’s too late.  Or is it?

David Safier is one of my all time favourite authors and I could recommend all his books. This is now the first one that got translated and I really would love for you to give it a go!
It is a very thoughtful and clever novel. It’s that kind of book that stays a little while with you after you finished it. It’s also hilarious, I remember sitting in the train and reading it and laughing out loud a lot xD I also loved how the writer – a man – told the story out of the eyes of a woman. It might be a little quirky once in a while, but that’s the humour we germans are so famous for 😉

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