My favourite pictures of the month January

Namaste folks!

It’s time for the favourite pictures of my January! A rather exciting month 😀


Important things first: I turned 25 this month. I feel so old haha. I felt even older when my little sister came by to bring me some flowers. I mean she never got me flowers ever before and I think we both felt incredibly grown-up when she gave them to me.



My mother got me a Nepali/Tibetan cookbook for christmas and I was cooking a lot of things from that book recently. I have grown quite fond of the food in Nepal and I liked to cook authentical food from there (as authentic as one can cook recipes from there in Germany).



Whilst there fell not one single snowflake down in december, january was very snowy and cold. Here in the south we got down to -15°C. I took this photo right down the street, about 20 metres away from my doorstep. It was really early and it looked so peaceful and beautiful 😀


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