Reading challenge

Namaste folks!

It was time for another reading challenge! Yay! I always enjoy them so much ♥
This months reading challenge was to read a play.

Of course plays are best enjoyed on stage rather then between two bookcovers, but the challenge somehow has to justify it beeing a challenge, right?

I read:


This is The death and the maiden by the chilenian writer Ariel Dorfman.

Ariel Dorfman’s explosively provocative, award-winning drama is set in a country that has only recently returned to democracy. Gerardo Escobar has just been chosen to head the commission that will investigate the crimes of the old regime when his car breaks down and he is picked up by the humane doctor Roberto Miranda. But in the voice of this good Samaritan, Gerardo’s wife, Paulina Salas, thinks she recognizes another man—the one who raped and tortured her as she lay blindfolded in a military detention center years before.

Although it is never revealed in which country this play sets place it can easily guessed it to be Chile (also very likely, because the writer is from Chile). It is rather intense, also because the persons are limited to just three, which makes you focus very much on each one. It’s a postdictatorship psychological thriller that will leave you kinda empty in the head as it very realistic. It is a rather short read, can easily be read in a day, but packed with information and action.
There is a very good movie with Sigourney Weaver, Stuart Wilson and Sir Ben Kingsley which I can also recommend highly. I will leave a trailer.

By the way, the death and the maiden (original: Der Tod und das Mädchen) is a quite dramatic piece for a string quartett from Schubert and it is often mentioned in the text. You can listen to it *here* (and you should listen to it – it’s epic and reflects the play so well!)



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