Movies I watched in November

Namaste folks!

I have to admit, this was no huge movie month for Vanessa. Still – here is what I saw:


1. Now you see me 2


Last month I saw Now you see me and Fiorella pointed out that there was a second movie, so I got it and watched it. It is not as good ass the first one, I didnt’t care for the Isla Fisher replacement girl, but Daniel Radcliffe as a lunatic villan was kind of cool.



2. Doctor Strange


I was very much looking forward to this movie to come out! I love Benedict Cumberbatch and I was expecting a lot from this movie. And what can I say – it did not let me down! Parts of the movie were shot in Nepal, and I was sitting in the theatre and I was like:”I have been there, I know this!” and it was just awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome, the setting was gorgeous and I enjoyed the movie very much!



3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall


It’s a typical Hollywood RomCom.Very american ^^’ It was an ok movie that was suggested to me by Netflix. I did not care to see so many willies and I never liked Russel Brand, but it has its moments.



4. Step up 2 the streets


I have not seen this movie in a while and about two weeks ago it was shown on TV. It’s one of these very typical dance/love movies. I like the original Step up movie best (I mean – Channing Tatum!), but this one is quite nice as well. The final dance is great ;D



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