Book Scavenger Hunt

Namaste folks!

Isn’t it just a great day for a scavenger hunt? And who does not love books?! So here we go:


1. A book based on a fairy tale


Cinder by the american writer Marissa Meyer. It’s loosely based on the fairytale of Cinderella, a very cool book about a dystopia where Cinder is a cyborg xD


2.  A book you finished in one go.


Red Queen by the american writer Victoria Aveyard. I read that for one swap-bot reading challenge and I LOVED it, read the whole night through!


3. A book with a colour in its title.


Ruby Red by the german writer Kerstin Gier. A great novel about time-travelling!


4. A book you never did finish.


Metro 2033 by the russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. Apparently people love this. But I just could not finish it. I am no science fiction kinda person 😛


5. A book you had to read in school.


Faust by the german poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Mandatory for a german student. I very much enjoyed that, and it still is one of my favourite plays.


6. A book that made you laugh.


Lamb, The Gospel according to Biff, Christ’s childhood pal by the american writer Christopher Moore. Excellent and one of the funniest books I ever read.


7. A book that made you cry.


P.S. I love you by the american writer Cecelia Ahern. I cried my eyes out over that one.


8. A book you’d recommend.


City of Beasts by the chilenian writer Isabel Allende. I could read that over and over again. Never gets old.


9. The book that is closest to you.


Unnützes Wissen (unuseful knowledge) by the german magazine Neon. A book full of random facts. Did you know that in England there is a telephone-hotline that is only for judges who commited crimes?


10. The last book you read.


Goddess of Legend by the american writer P.C. Cast. That’s the last book of the Goddess Summoning series.

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