The Big five procrastination things…

Namaste folks!

Who doesn’t know that? You want to sit down and do some serious studying, you want to clean the bathroom or finally get on the tax returns, but there are so many other things that keep getting in your way!?

Well today I will rank my top 5 procrastination things, aka things I do when I really should be doing something else:



5. Eating

A thing I very much like to do when I really should better go and do some laundry. Some chocolate.. a sandwich… or I could bake a cake! (…don’t wait up for me, I got some eating to do).



4. Writing (letters, postcards)

I should do some studying? Homework? Essays? Look, all the pencils are already out, so I might as well write a letter and one or two… or twenty postcards!



3. Internet

The internet is an easy distracter. I should write an essay for university and facebook keeps sending me notifications. Look! I just got an email, a new swap is up and oh, this animal documentary on youtube that takes just 2 hours seems interesting!



2. TV

I think everyone gets distracted by the TV once in a while. You start to see a few episodes of a series on Netflix and before you even noticed – 5 hours flew by and you still want to keep on watching.




Instead of doing anything else I love to just cuddle and eventually just to fall asleep. My boyfriend is perfect cuddle-material and when he is not around a stuffed animal does the trick as well.


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