Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

Book recommendation time! Yay!

For this month I’d like to recommend you the following book:


This is The 13 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear by the german writer Walter Moers.

Captain Bluebear is a bear with blue fur, a creature as unique as the fantastic adventures he undergoes. Unlike cats, which have only nine lives, bluebears have twenty-seven. This is fortunate, because our hero is forever avoiding disaster by a paw’s breadth. In this remarkable book, Captain Bluebear tells the story of his first thirteen-and-a-half lives spent on the mysterious continent of Zamonia, where intelligence is an infectious disease and water flows uphill, where headless giants roam deserts made of sugar, and where only Captain Bluebear’s courage and ingenuity enable him to escape the dangers that lie in wait for him around every corner. In company with our indomitable hero, we enter a realm of the imagination that combines the fantasy of Lord of the Rings and The Neverending Story with the humour of Baron Munchausen – a wonderland where anything can exist except boredom.

I have already recommended one book by Walter Moers The City of dreaming BooksI LOVE the books by Walter Moers, he is such a genius! The 13 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear is the first of his books to take place in Zamonia and it is one of the wittiest, strangest, funiest and craziest books I ever read. The characters are so silly and funny,the Minipirates! The Hobgoblins, the Spiderwitch, the Babbling Billows, the Troglotroll, the Mountain Maggot, it’s just awesome. It is written as the Memoir of Bluebear, and describes his first 13 1/2 lives. If you are into weird worlds and crazy, witty yet loveable characters, you will love this story! ♥


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