Movies I watched in October

Namaste folks!

I love watching movies, so it will be my great pleasure to share which movies I watched lately!

1. Finding Dory


Second parts are never as good as first parts they say. They are wrong! Finding Dory is a great second part of one of my all favourite movies “Finding Nemo”.
It’s a glorious movie in which we accompany Marlin, Nemo and Dory through the grand ocean as they seek for Dorys long lost parents. I loved Hank, the grumpy Octopus (or shall I say Septopus?) and Destiny the whale shark with eye issues. It’s a lovely movie, that will make you laugh and maybe even cry at some points. Mr Disney and Mrs Pixar – I salut you 😀



2. Now you see me


A great found on Netflix! This movie seriously blew my mind, I did not see the end coming! It is quick paced at all time, once you think you know what’ll happen next they surprise you again! LOVE THAT MOVIE!
The only thing that annoyed me a little was this kinda forced romantic aspect between Mark Ruffalo and Mélanie Laurent, I did not need that.  Still,one of the best movies I have seen lately!



3. My life in Ruins


Ever since My big fat greek wedding came out, I have been admiring Nia Vardalos. So when Netflix added this movie recently, I just had to watch it! It’s an entertaining, yet a little shallow movie.You will laugh, you will feel embarrassed for some of the characters and you will feel the inmediate desire to pack your things and go to Greece. Perfect movie fo a girls night 🙂



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