My favourite picture of the month October

Namaste folks!

October was a busy month for me and I had lots of pictures to choose from! I narrowed it down to just a few, I hope you enjoy them ^^


In the beginnings of October I went to visit a friend in our capital city, Berlin. I was there for 3 days and this picture I took in the Berlin subway as I found it funny! Unicorns are free to use the Berlin subway! If you ever look for a unicorn, maybe you find one there 😀


October also means autumn in Germany. And the leaves are changing its colours. I took this picture of the golden Mary statue in Pasing, a district of Munich.


Last week me and my boyfriend went to Bamberg, a little medieval town in upper Franconia (Bavaria, Germany). We have never been there and just went there for one day to look around and be a tourist. I took this picture of the rosegarden of the Bamberg residence. As it is autumn the roses already withered, but I still liked the trees and the greek statues. Bamberg is worth a visit if you ever are around!


Last but not least – I received this gorgeous card via and I thought.. Who am I to question a postcards orders? Haha. ^_^


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