My top 5 favourite restaurants

Namaste folks!

This time I am going to take you on a culinary cruise through all my favourite restaurants in Munich. I do not go out very often, because it is expensive, but I still enjoy it very much every time I can.

1. Yak & Yeti – Nepalese kitchen


My boyfriend is Nepali and we enjoy it a lot to go there. The owner knows us and we always get a free appetizer or a nepali chiya-tea. I love their nepali Thali ♥ So yummy!


2. Augustiner Keller – bavarian kitchen


Augustiner is one of the 5 big breweries in Munich, and one of the best beers in the world. The Augustiner Keller is a very good restaurant right in the centre of Munich where they serve very good bavarian food.


3. Pasta e Basta – italian kitchen


I like this restaurant because it is not very expensive. Perfect for the small wallet of a student. But it is no fast food, but really good italian pizza and pasta. They also have great salads!


4. Taj Mahal – indian kitchen


I looooove indian food! Really, I could eat indian food all day long! I used to live right next to this restaurant and I was there a lot! Nowadays just every once in a while, but I still very much enjoy going there! ♥


5. Ysenegger – Cocktails and Burger


This one is great for going out with friends. I celebrated various birthdays here and I love the Classic Burger with sweet potatoe fries!


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