Weird and funny things that happend during my trips

Namaste folks!

Today it will be all about the weird and funny things that happend during my trips! I will limit myself to 2 stories, since I don’t want to bore you xD

I have been to Nepal in 2013. My boyfriend is Nepali and we went to visit his family and to celebrate Dashain (click con it to get further information), the biggest hindu festival in Nepal. We went to several temples in this time (I remember I always had to get up at like 4 in the morning xD) and one day we visited the Manakamana temple and (I am not lying) thousands of Nepali people were there to worship the goddess Bhagwati.
So, imagine thousands of nepali people (which tend to be not as tall as people in Germany) and one tall person, white as toast standing out like a multicoloured dog.
So, the funny part was that once we arrived to the temple (you have to go there by cable car, as it is on top of a mountain, loads of young nepalis came to me and they wanted to take a picture with me xD I think they took about 50 pictures haha. I have never been that popular in my life xD


Last year, me and a friend visited another friend of ours in Brussels and obviously we also did some sightseeing. We went to the justice palace and someone painted all the stautes finger and toe nails. It’s vandalism, sure, but at the moment we just could’t stop to laugh and everyone around was looking at us with big eyes xD




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