Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

It’s time for another book recommendation! Yay! Are you as excited as I am?

So for this month I recommend you the following book:


This is Pirate Curse by the german writer Kai Meyer.

The Pirates of the Caribbean have a name for kids who walk on water — they call them polliwogs. As far as fourteen-year-old Jolly knows, she’s the last polliwog still alive — and this special talent makes her invaluable to the pirate captain who raised her.
When someone sets a trap for Jolly’s ship, she alone escapes. Washed up on a tiny island, she meets Munk, who has been raised in hiding. Munk longs to go to sea, but his parents are afraid of pirates. They have forbidden Munk to reveal his true identity — he, too, is a polliwog.
But pirates are not the only threat in the Caribbean. Evil forces are stirring, and a demon from the sea attacks and murders Munk’s parents. Was the demon really after Munk? And Jolly, too? Why are the polliwogs so valuable, and who’s willing to kill to possess them?
Jolly and Munk must sail with a strange crew of outcasts, led by the mysterious Ghost Trader, to avenge their loved ones and try to stop an ancient, malevolent force known as the Maelstrom. What it will cost both teens, no one can tell — in this thrilling fantasy from the extraordinary Kai Meyer.

The other day I was cleaning up my bookshelf and I came across this book. It is the first of a triology and I sat down where I was (among piles and piles of books) and read the first few chapters (aka half of the book) right away.
I know this is a book for teenagers, but WHO CARES?! It is awesomely written, you can not put it down and it is an easy read.
What I love about Meyers Books (he wrote quite a lot!), is that they are so full of creativity. He makes up a whole new world and populates it with a whole bunch of great characters. I like the dark part about it, that gives you the creeps ^^

Great book! Love the series and everyone who enjoys a good fantasy book will also love this! ♥


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