The big 5 candy bars

Namaste folks!

A new section I am quite excited about! The big five! 😀 For a starter here are the big Five Candy Bars in my life! What is your favourite candy bar?



5. Mr. Tom

I used to love this in school! It is basically just peanuts glued together with some sticky sugary stuff that would make your teeth all sticky. I used to eat that a lot in school until they got rid of all the unhealthy stuff and only sold salad and stuff haha. They rarley sell these in normal storesaround where I live, but every now and then I manage to get one. Heavens!



4. Snickers with Almonds

Aw so yum! Sadly, we don’thave these in Germany, or at least I never saw them around here. I had these in Chile and in Nepal and oh they are so great!.Almonds are already awesome on their own, but the combination with the chocolate and the caramel…ayayay



3. Kinder Riegel

A classic. This is the candy bar my mother always had in her cupboard. The candy bar my grandmother always got for us. I honestly think I never bought one of these myself but I loved this as a child and my grandmother still always gets these for me and my sisters when we come visit her.


2. Yogurette

I seriously love these! They are gold during PMS.seriously! Inside, there is some yogurth stuff and little pieces of strawberries, all covered in chocolate. Soo good!  They are a little lighter than normal candy bars, so you can easily eat about 3-4 without getting a serious stomach ache ^^’



1. Balisto (orange)

My number 1. Without any doubt. I LOVE these! There are many different types with milk and fruits, but I like this plain version with oats best. I can pretend it to be healthy and it is yummy! What else can you wish for in a candy bar? Sooo good xD



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