My favourite picture of the month August

Namaste folks!

Right, right, right. I admit it. I play Pokémon Go. I LOVE that game! I like how it makes me go out and explore the city I live in all over again. August in Germany means heat, it means summer and it means vacations. So I had plenty of free time this month and I was out a lot to catch myself some Pokémon.

So this month I took plenty of pictures of my city: Munich and I am sharing some of my favourite pictures now with you! Hope you like them 🙂


This is a picture I took in the very heart of Munich in the Court Garden (Hofgarten). In the picture you see the Diana temple. A beautiful pavilion from the Renaissance. Everytime I pass there there is someone inside playing the cello and it is beautiful to walk by the flowers and fountains by a soundtrack of Mozart.


Right beside the Court Garden, there is the Munich Residence. One of the many palaces in Munich, and the biggest city palace in Germany. I passed there and the shadows caught my eye.

Through Munich there passes the Isar-river. I think every city should have a river, itis just too beautiful to walk along its borders and to smell the fresh water. The Bridge on the picture is called Luitpold-bridge and leads straight to the golden Angel of peace, which is a reminder of the 25 peaceful years after the Franco-German war of 1870/71.
I missed to take a picture of the beautiful fountain on foot of the Angel. It’s very pretty. Maybe next month 🙂


I found this on a street light in Downtown Munich. This is the symbol of our coat of arms. It is called “Münchner Kindl“, the “Munich child”.


At the Museumsinsel (Isle of Museums) in Munich, where loads of Museums of Art, of Technic, Art Galleries can be found, there are also lots of statues and Art installations. One of them is this statue, I call it “gazing man” (no idea how it is called in reality). It was already in the evening when I took this picture and I really like this one.



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