7 days of food

Namaste folks!

The last 7 days I took pictures of my food!! Yummy yummy!

Day #1


It’s summer in Germany. And what do people like to eat when it is hot? Right! They eat icecream! I am no exception when it comes to that and I had some raspberry icecream! So yum ♥ The picture came out a little blurry, because I was taking the picture while walking.


Day #2


I love noodles in all its varieties and thank you Italy that there are so many types! So here I had some tagliatelle with mushrooms and pork. As you see I put looots of pepper. Pepper is the second best after noodles xD


Day #3


That’s a little snack I had the other day. A cold chocolate/cream/sweet/yummy thingie that originally belonged to my boyfriend. I stole it from him hihi. SHHHT don’t tell him!


Day #4


I know, I know. Looks awesome, right? Some friends and I meet up once a month to cook and to watch a Disneymovie. We call it our Disneydates. This evening we had a french night, and we ate loooots of french food and oh the cheese! It was so good. Cheese is so good! And we watched Ratatouille xD


Day #5


Take out. That’s indian food, which I love! This is rice with a Mango-Lamb sauce and some Naan Bread on the side. I could eat this every day.


Day #6


I went to a birthdayparty! And this is the piece I had. It was gigantic at first so I shared it with another guest. It was a chocolate cake with raspberries and strawberries and cream and more chocolate. I don’t know how she did it, but my friend covered some of the raspberries with some golden colour. Looked cool, tasted even better.


Day #7 


Noodles! This time I made spaghetti with a bolognese sauce. And because I think it’s yummy, I added corn and chili. Loots of Chili. 🙂




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