Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

I just noticed, that I need to read more. I had a hard time finding a book to recommend this month ^^’ What do I need to read next? What are you currently reading? Share in the comments 😀

So for this month, I’d like to recommend the following book:


This is The Magicians’ Guild by the australian writer Trudi Canavan.

Each year the magicians and guards of Imardin drive the poor and the deprived from their glorious city into the outlying slums that are a hatchery for crime and resentment. The noble houses and the powerful Magician’s Guild turn a blind eye to the misery and are shocked and outraged when a young slum girl, Sonea, breaks through their magical shields by throwing a stone.
Fearing for her live Sonea tries to vanish into the slums, but her hunters are merciless. They fear an uncontrolled eruption of her untrained but devastating powers and do everything to capture her before it’s too late.
Meanwhile the Magician’s Guild is splitting into fractions. Most magicians are in favour of blocking Sonea’s powers and throwing her back into the slums, for never before in living memory there has been a magician from the lower classes. Others see in her unequalled magical potential and the chance to balance the social injustices.
But Sonea is still on the run and unsuspectingly guards a deadly secret that has the power to demolish the guild and their High Lord Akkarian.

This is the first book of a great triology you are going to LOVE if you are a fan of fantasy novels. I like a book with a strong female character and Sonea is most definetley a very strong person. In some ways it reminds me a little bit of Harry Potter,which is great, because I like Harry Potter 😀
Be prepared. It starts off a little slow, but it gets great eventually (especially when you go on with the series!)



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