Another Travel Quiz

Namaste folks!

I like talking about traveling! Traveling is awesome 😀 So here comes another travel Quiz! Are you excited? Because I sure am!

1. If you could go on a holiday anywhere in Europe where would you go and why?
I would really ike to go to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. My sister already went there twice and she loved it. I have posted all the reasons why I love Prague already! Check it out *here*.

2. Where is the farthest you have traveled from where you live?
I checked this out on google maps xD So the farthest I ever traveled was to Chile: 12,179 km away from home.

3. If you could live in any other country where would you want to live and why?I already made my peace with the idea of living in Nepal one day, as my boyfriend (and husband to be) is nepali and is probably wanting to go back one day. Not today and not tomorrow, but one day for sure.

4. What is the prettiest city you have ever been to?
I loved Salzburg in Austria. I think all cities should have a river, it’s so great to walk along the water ♥ And I loved the old city center. ♥

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5. If you could on a holiday anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why did you choose that particular destination?
Changes all the time. One day I die to go to Vanuatu to see the underwatermailbox, the next day I want to go to Bolivia to make funny perspective picture in the salt desert. There are so many places waiting to get explored! Oh I would really like to go to Vietnam and wear one of these cool hats.

6. What is the most beautiful language? Is there a language you can’t stand?
I love spanish. I love the way it sounds, I like how diverse it is and I love the mentalaty it expresses. Spanish is also the foreign language I speak best.
I was thinking about a language I can not stand, but I really can’t think of any. I think all the language have something precious. Be it their sound, words that can’t be translated, funny slang, or a cool scripture.

7. Which languages do you speak?
Well since I am german, I speak german. I also know spanish, french, english and nepali. I study roman languages so I can read and understand most of these languages as well.

8. Is there a language you would like to learn?
I would like to learn another language that is not too similar to the ones I already know. So maybe a slavic language 😀

9. Have you ever been on a road trip? If so, where? If you haven’t, would you like to take a road trip?
I have not! But I imagine it to be really fun! I would definetley like to take a road trip! I would start in Canada and rive all the way down to Argentina! 😀

10. Do you buy something specific when visiting a foreign country?
I always buy fridgemagnets, I buy tons of postcards and I always buy earrings. I tend to buy loads of different stuff when I am traveling, but these three things are always a must ♥

11. What is your favourite season to travel?
I really don’t prefer any season. If it were for me I’d travel all year long xD

12. What kind of holiday do you prefer? Do you enjoy activities, shopping, sightseeing, lying on the beach?
I am not the “do nothing” kind of traveler. I like to explore places, I like to talk to natives, try new food, see the worlds wonders! Shopping? Yay! As I already said – I tend to buy loooots of stuff when I go traveling!

13. Do you think you could spend a whole year travelling around the world?
Easily. When can I start?





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