My favourite picture of the month July

Namaste folks!

This month my picture is slightly different to the pictures I previously posted. Normally I post pictures  I took myself, this time I made an exception and I will post  picture I found on facebook:



I guess most of you heard about the gun rampage in Munich, friday the 22th of July. A 18 year old boy killed nine people and himself on bright daylight in a huge shopping mall in Munich. Many more were injured, the entire city was terrified.

Munich is the city I live in and this day was a horrible experience for me. Seeing the streets and the shopping mall I frequently visit in the news, seeing dead people covered with blankets lying on the ground.. this was absolutley no fun. Germany is a safe country, things like these always happen far away, but never right before my doorstep. I stayed up all night, I could not sleep, watched the news all the time. I phoned all my family and friends to be sure they were safe, I used the safety check on facebook, to let other people know I was safe.

On this picture now, you can see the Münchner Kindl, The symbol of Munich. Normally it is smilying bright, wearing the colours of the city: black and yellow. On this picture it is crying over the victims. And as does the symbol of Munich, entire Munich is crying as well.


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