Why do I travel?

Namaste folks!

This time I am gonna talk a little bit about why I love it to travel 😀 If you like – share in the comments why YOU love to travel!


1. Because I gain new perspectives

Getting to know other countries, other cultures, other lives and other circumstances made me realize how lucky I am. Things I took for granted in Germany like being able to walk where and whenever I like, having enough to eat, having electricity and drinkable water at every time of the day were normal for me.
Seeing that people in El Salvador are risking their lives when they step out the door at nights, or people in Nepal get a shower at the fountain in the center of the village, because they dont have water at their home made me cherish the little things more. Also if it is just is the bus coming on time.


2. Because I learn about different cultures and languages

Like Albert Einstein said: “The important thing is to never stop questioning”. I love to be curious about the world, about its people and stories. There are so many interesting things to discover if you talk to the people and also listen to them. I love this. I also love to be able to talk to the locals in their own language. Sure, most people know at least some english, but they just tend to be more open when you are able to talk at least some basic stuff with them in their language. I love to see the people smile when I greet them in their language and when I am able to have a basic conversation. Also, I am bit of a language nerd. I got pretty “loca” about the el salvadorian “caliche”, the regional expressions and words they use.. I could go on and on about this topic ^^

3. Because I can see the wonders of mother nature with my own eyes

Always when I travel I get stunned by the things mother nature has to offer. Of course I can see those wonders in Germany too, but I feel that when I travel my eyes are more willing to see those wonders. I tend not to notice the little beautiful things in my normal life, when my head is filled with thoughts about work, the neighbours cat or taxes.. yuk

4. Because I like to discover new things!

Mostly food to be honest. I love to discover new food! New food is awesome. Food in general is awesome. I also love to discover new music! I think german music is great and thanks to globalization we also are flooded with american music, but there is so much more to explore!


5. Because I met awesome people and build friendships

So far I always met some really cool people along my travels. People I would never have met if I never had traveled. Just thinking about it makes me kinda sad, because many of these people have become very important to me. People I dont want to miss in my life.


6. Last but not least – because it is fun

I guess everyone can agree with me on that. If you are open to the experience, traveing can be lifechanging, it can widen your horizon and it can be a lot of fun! I love to travel!


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