Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

It is time for another book recommendation! Yay! Excitment and happyness!

So this time, I’d like to recommend you the following book:


This is the book Death on the Nile by the english writer Agatha Christie.

A dream honeymoon cruise for Simon and Linnet Doyle turns into a nightmare when Linnet is found shot dead. One of the ship’s passengers is Jacqueline de Bellefort, Simon’s jealous ex-fiance, and she has already confessed to Hercule Poirot that she wants revenge for Linnet stealing Simon from her.
However, when two more murders are committed, Hercule Poirot, with the help of his friend Colonel Race, begins to see that no one on the ship is as straightforward as they first seemed.

I love Agatha Christie! She is in fact the Queen of Mystery! And from all her awesome books, I like the Hercule Poirot books best.
Hercule Poirot is a funny little man with a moustache and a panama hat who is constantly minding everyone elses buisness.
I never get tired to reread this book, there is something dark about it, one of the books you can not put aside before you know who the murderer is. And be sure – You will be surprised!
This book has been turned into multiple movies already, I love the movie with Sr Peter Ustinov (awesome british actor – I can recommend any movie he is in), and I put you a trailer, so you can get a better impression on what the book is about. But, you really should read the book first. It is awesome!



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