What am I eating?

Namaste folks!

Yaay foodie time!

My breakfast:

I live in a bread nation!! In Germany, it is all about the bread. We got about (and I am not lying) 500 different types of bread. O this day, I had a breadbun (Semmel as we say here in Bavaria) with some goatcheese and cucumber. Yum!



2. A snack

Right behind the bread – there come the pastries. This one is called Quarcktasche (“quarkbag”) It is a puffpastry filled with a sweet quark. It is so yummy!




3. A cooked meal

My boyfriend is Nepali and when he is nice and behaves I cook Nepali food for him. This is Daal Bhat, a traditional dish from Nepal. It is basically rice, a lentil soup and some vegetables (in this case – potatoes and cauliflower). I also added some chicken here. I have posted a recipe for Nepali Daal Bhat already. You can look at it here *click*




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