My favourite picture of the month June

Namaste folks!

For this month I got several favourite pictures, first of all, two pictures of my city. Munich:

I climbed up a the Old Peter’s church to shoot the first picture. The church with the two towers is called “Frauenkirche”, The Church of our dear Lady, one of the most significant buildings in the skyline of Munich. The other huge building is our city hall.

I took the other picture at the Karlsplatz (Karlsquare). I love that fountain there.


Newsflash: Germans are crazy about football (I am european – it’s football, not soccer xD). In 2014 we won the World Championsship and now we are going for the Europan Championsship. As I write this, Germany is playing against France. (Fingers crossed!). I am normally not at all into football. But I get excited when Germany wins! During a german game, the streets are empty, there are no cars out on the streets. Everybody is watching. And when I say everybody – I mean EVERYONE!


Last but not least – that’s me. I got some new glasses in June. My sister says I look like a real teacher now ^^



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