If money wasn’t a problem I would travel to

Namaste folks!

I always love it to think about foreign places and countries! I am fascinated by the fact that there is so much diversity in culture in thinking in religion and in so many other things! There are a lots of  places I would like to visit badly. And I could never create a post to cover all of them, but I will give you my Top 3:

The Nazca lines in Perú

Ever since 12th grade I want to see these with my own eyes. I wrote my final essay in school about this famous landmark in the Peru pampas and I am fascinated by them ever since. I have this tattoo idea about the monkey image, and I would just love to see them with my own eyes. They only can be seen from above, so I will have to get into a helicopter (not my favourite part about this, as I am terryfied of heights) but I will do it anyway 😀

Lumbini, Nepal

I have been to Nepal already and I will go again next year probably, so this is going to be the first place of my list I am going to see. Yay! Lord Buddha was, unlike many people think, not born in India, but in Lumbini, Nepal. Lots of buddhist Nations come and built a temple to honor Buddha. You can see Thai temples, Indian temples, Cambodian temples, nepalese temples and so on and so on. It must be a great experience to see Lumbini.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, or the “golden city” as it is called as well, is a city I really would love to visit! My sister has been there and she tells me it is gorgeous. Also I think the picture speak for themselves. It is an awesome city!


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