Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

Awesome coincidence! I love the book I am about to recommend and as I always put a picture of the bookcover I googled the book (for the first time ever!). Guess what I found out?! The book I already have for years standing in my bookshelf is actually the first of a series! I am so excited 😀 Can’t wait to read all the following books 😀 Can’t wait ♥

So enough with the words – today I’d like to recommend you the following book:

So this is The thin woman  by the english-american writer Dorothy Cannell.

I know, the cover is not very promising, I liked the cover of the german translation way better *click*

Terrified by the prospect of a weekend with her snobby relatives, overweight Ellie Simons decides to distract attention from her personal and professional failings by arriving with an adoring boyfriend in tow. Unfortunately, no such person exists. Enter Bentley T. Haskell, a devilishly handsome escort who willingly agrees to play the part—for a fat fee. But Ellie and Bentley get far more than a miserable visit with relatives when a weekend with Ellie’s eccentric family suddenly turns very, very deadly.

This is one of the most hilarious books I’ve read, it has warmth, sincerity, and most of all a lot of good laughs! I love the connection between Ben and Ellie, the eccentric family of Ellie and the way everything turns out. I did not see the end coming and I could not put it down, because I just had to know how everything continues. I have read this book several times and every time I find something new again, I can always laugh about Ellies, she is so adorable! Don’t judge this book by its cover it’s an awesome book with favourite book potential!


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