Passport challenge: India


Namaste folks!

Todays passport challenge brings us to the mystical subcontinent India! Aww I got lots to say about India 😀

First of all – Wikipedia check:



The South Asian country of India includes a peninsula extending into the Indian Ocean, and it is a land of great contrasts in geography. The barren, snow-capped Himalaya, the world’s tallest mountain system, rises along its northern border. South of the Himalaya, the low, fertile Ganges Plain is India’s most populous region. The Great Indian Desert lies in the west, but eastern India receives some of the highest rainfall in the world during the monsoon season (June to October). India is second only to China in country population but India is growing faster (by some 17 million a year) and may surpass China by 2030. Although 81 percent of the people are Hindu, India also has more than 138 million Muslims—one of the world’s largest Muslim populations.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about India, is the food. I LOVE indian food. The only takeout I order. My boyfriend is Nepali, and although he’d disagree, nepali and indian people are pretty close concerning the food and the culture. (Don’t tell him I said that!) so we got a rice cooker at home and I cook nepalese or indian food at least once a week. I thought I’d share my favourite curry recipe. ♥ So yummy.


So gaaaaawwwd

The next thing you got to think about is of course Bollywood. Everyone loves Bollywood 😀 Especially my boyfriend. He would always see the movies in Hindi and I don’t understand much hindi, so he always overtalks the movie with what is happening. My favourite way of seeing a movie xD Confusing but funny 🙂 My boyfriend also knows about all (and there are about a million) bollywood songs and he sings them when he is in the shower. He’s so cute.
There is one song from a Bollywood movie I really like a lot, maybe you like it too:

About the only song I know to sing entirely in hindi xD

When I read that the next passport challenge would be India I inmediatly also thought about Mehandi, the indian henna. Last time in Nepal I bought a lot of Mehandi and also Bindis so yesterday I tried to do a little Mehandi although this is at no point traditionall indian, but I think it is pretty after all 🙂


नमस्ते (Namaste) roughly translates to: “I bow to the God within you.”

Beautiful, huh?



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