My favourite picture of the month May

Namaste folks!

Can you believe how fast the time wents by? I feel like yesterday was new years eve and today June is already starting! I guess I am getting old lol.

Well anyways I got some favourite pictures of this last month:



By the beginning of May there was an open bookshelf installed in my neighborhood: You can bring some old books you don’t like anymore and take some books you would like to read. I have been there three times already and brought some of my old books and I took the ones on he picture! Love this! Even  found a book in spanish ♥

Then about a week ago a friend of mine and her husband visited, it was a clear day and really warm and we could have some homemade strawberrycake in our garden. We were 4 people and we killed it, so yummy ♥



last but not least – on May 8th I thought I could give instagram a try and what can I say..I got kinda addicted! A whole new world of swapping and I LOVE it! 😀




One thought on “My favourite picture of the month May

  1. Lovely pictures. Wish we would have an open bookshelf in Bremen as well – need to look out for it.
    Quite a pity we didn´t find you blog before, made a postcard Giveaway recently. But if you would be interested, then just write us and maybe we can see what we can do! 😀
    Liebe Grüße


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