Shuffle my music!

Namaste folks!

Shuffletime!! I just looked in the settings section of my Ipod (Got the classic one btw) and wuuh I got 3082 songs on my Ipod! I guess that means I can shuffle my music some more times without any repititions 😀 Grrrrrrrrrrrreat 😀

1. U2 – California (There is no end to Love)


2. Robbie Williams – Somewhere Beyond the Sea


3. die ärzte – Dauerwelle vs. Minipli


4. Scouting for girls – 1+1


5. Max Herre – A-N-N-A


6. Adhesivo – Hoy en día


7. Madsen – Euphorie


8. Donots – We got the noise


9. The Kings of Nuthin’ – Let it burn


10. Culcha Candela – Chant as one


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