My last holiday

Namaste folks!

In Febuary/March 2016 I went to El Salvador again! It was no 100% holiday, but I had fun, so I guess it counts 🙂

I am active in the lutheran church of Munich and we have a partnership with the lutheran church of El Salvador, each 2 years there are youthmeetings where young people from El Salvador and Germany get to meet and to know each other. I took part in such meetings in 2014 in El Salvador and 2011 in Germany.

This year now, there was a special occasion where the partnership treaty was signed again and the dean of Munich and one deacon from the El Salvador committee went to El Salvador. They needed someone to translate and also someone to represent the youth, so they asked me and another guy from the youth to go with them! 10 days El Salvador for free and all I had to do is translate ♥ Awesome!

We did many great things like visiting Maya ruins of San Andrés and Joya de Cerén.

We also went to the Lake Ilopango! This is a volcano lake and it is so absolutely beautiful! We went there to visit a former refugee camp that is now a coffee plantation. Coffee is cultivated on high planes and the plantation almost does not look like it. It is the pure jungle! But when we actually got to climb up the hills the view was our reward

Another “Highlight” was the visit of a school. One church in Munich has a partnership with a school in El Salvador. They support them most of all financially so they took the chance to also visit the school, talk to the teachers and director. It is a very small school, only about 70 students, but everyone was so nice! The students actually dressed up for us and danced! We did a VLOG of our trip (obviously in german, though) but I put you the video of the students dancing, because it was just too cute!






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