Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

It is time for another book recommendation! Yay!

So, today I’d like to recommend you the following book:


This is the book Artemis Fowl by the irish author Eoin Colfer.

Artemis Fowl is a twelve-year-old boy who just happens to be both a genius and a criminal mastermind. In a desperate attempt to restore his family’s fortune, Artemis comes up with a plan to steal gold from the fairies. Along with his trusty butler sidekick “Butler”, he travels to Vietnam on a quest to find a volume of fairy commandments. Once this is achieved and the book deciphered, the next logical step would be to kidnap a fairy and wait for the ransom money to arrive. However, when Artemis kidnaps Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon, it seems he’s made a mistake. Because these aren’t the cute little elves of bedtime stories. These fairies are armed, dangerous and ready to fight. And they will stop at nothing to get Holly back.

Artemis Fowl is full of humour and action. The author has produced an imaginative, fast-paced adventure, which combines magic and technology and I just loved it!
This book is often said to be the next Harry Potter and I agree, although Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter are completely different characters.

It is a really good book and I read it in one day through, I also loved the other books of the series, if you like Fantasy and you enjoy a good laugh from time to time I most definitely recommend you this one! Great book!



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