Show your favourite travel photos!

Namaste folks!

Ah I was so looking forward to do this! So I am going to share with you pictures of my last three vacations!! I hope you enjoy! I most definitely did 😀


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I went to Brussels and to Bruges for two day to visit my friend Laura. It was my first time in Belgium and I really liked it. Bruges is very pretty as is Brussels 😀 We had a blast!

I love the picture with the Atomium. I did not know that you could actually enter the balls! It is enormous!! Also it is perfect to do perspective pictures 😀

Also I love the one showing the painted nails of the statue 😀 This was actually in the justice palace of Brussels and we found it really funny 😀 The statue had also really nice makeup ^^’


El Salvador 2014

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I was three weeks in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. You hear a lot of aweful things about El Salvador and most of the things are true I suppose, but El Salvador is beautiful! I loved the flora and the scenery.

I mean, look a t the flowers, the trees, the palmtrees ♥♥ Isn’t that just beautiful?! I loved it there. And tomorrow I am gonna be there again – yay!


Nepal 2013

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I went to Nepal with my boyfriend (as he is Nepali) to visit my boyfriends family. We were there for a little more than a month and  I loved it! This was before the big earthquake and I was not able to see what it is like now, but back then it was just a magical place.

The scenery was beautiful, I loved the architecture and the temples, the pagodas and stupas! I loved how hinduism and buddhism coexists so peacefully!

I put you one picture of something you can see pretty often on the big squares of Kathmandu, which I found so clever! There is a place where they put birdfood, so the pigeons wouldn’t go on the temples and leave their dirt there. They have their own place and there is food for them and sometimes even a little bird pool. So the temples don’t get dirty and the pigeons are happy too! Win-win. So clever!


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