Movie survey

Namaste folks!

Lets dive into the awesome movie world! Can’t wait to answer all the questions!

1. What movie have you watched the most (and approximately how many times have you seen it)?

I guess that would be one of the Harry Potter movies. I rewatch them all the time! At least 50 times already (at least it feels like this much) I could not say which of them I have seen the most, I love every single one of them!

2. What movies did you enjoy watching when you were a child?

I loved the Disney movie The fox and the hound. I still watch it from time to time and it is still beautiful.



3. What’s the worst movie that you’ve ever seen?

I have seen a lot of really aweful movies and one of the worst I have seen lately would be The last Airbender. I loooove the nickleodeon series Legend of Aang on which it is based and I was really looking forward to it, but was greatly disappointed at the end.

4. Do you have any guilty pleasures (movies you’re embarrassed to love, but love anyway)?

I would never be embarrassed to love a movie. I enjoy Disney, kitschy romances (the more kitsch the better 😀
5. What’s the first movie that you remember seeing in the theater?

I think it was the Junglebook 2. I am not too sure though.

6. What’s the most recent movie that you saw in the theater? 

I went to see Joy a couple of weeks ago. I’d recommend it. Good movie.

7. Have you ever walked out on a movie after paying to see it in the theater (because it was that bad)?

Actually… no. Not once.
8. How often do you watch movies in the theater?

Not as often as I would like to. I guess about once a month more or less.

9. How often do you watch movies online?

Uhm not so often. Unless online means Netflix. Then -> Verrrrry often.



10. How often do you watch movies on DVD/Blu-Ray?

I have a large DVD collection and I often watch DvDs 🙂 At least once a week 🙂
11. How often do you watch movies on television?

Rarley. I want to watch movies in their original language and I can not stand the comercial breaks
12. Who is your favourite Actor?

I confess. I am a Cumberbitch.

13. Who is you favourite Actress?

I love Helena Bonham Carter. She is awesome.


14. Who is our favourite director?

Hmm. I don’t really have one I guess. I like Tarantino!
15. Who is your favourite Onscreen character (non-villain)?

McGonagall (Harry Potter movies). She kicks ass!

16. Who is your favourite Onscreen character (villain)?

Hans Landa (Inglorious Bastards). He is so evil and so entertaining.

17. Whats your favourite Onscreen pair?

Phew things I never thought about.. favourite Onscreen pair… Hmm.. probably Todd and Copper 🙂

18. Whats your favourite movie animal?

Ahm.. I’d say Paddington Baer!

19. Who are your least favorite actors/actresses?

I am not very fond of Tom Cruise. I could not describe why, but naaaaahhh.
20. Which movie has the best soundtrack?

I love the soundtrack of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. ♥♥


21. What’s your favorite song from a movie?

no further explanation needed ♥♥
22. Which movie has the best costumes?

I like the costumes in the movie Memoirs of a GeishaBeautiful women.


23. What film genres do you most enjoy watching?

I am very much of a girl when it comes to that. Romance! If they get each other in the end, I will be happy 😀


24. What film genres do you least enjoy watching?

I am not at all a fan of Horrormovies. I get cared soo easily! (I know that getting scared is the whole point of watching horror, but uaaaaaaaahhhhhhh)

25. What is your favourite Action movie?

I like the movie Taken. Mostly because of Liam Neeson. He is great!

26. What is your favourite animated movie?

Always has been, always will be: Anastasia. No Disney movie btw!


27. What is your favourite Biopic?

Hmm I very much enjoyed The Imitation Game. A movie about the life of Alan Turing.


28. What is your favourite children’s/family movie?

Ohh. There are so many! I realy like Tangled 🙂


29. What is your favourite Comedy?

Oh I love Despicable Me! Hilarious!!!


30. What is your favourite crime movie?

Sherlock Holmes! Although the BBC series is way better 😀



31. What is your favourite documentary?

I hardly watch any documentaries. I did however enjoy the german documentary series “Die Deutschen” (engl. the germans) where they feature one historical personality from the german past. It was really interesting.


32. What is your favourite Drama?

I’d say The Blind Side. Mostly because I like Sandra Bullock.


33. What is your favourite Fantasy movie?

Every Pottermovie ♥♥


34. What is your favourite historical film?

I love the movie Becoming Jane. A movie about the life of Jane Austen. Also the movie I fell in love with James McAvoy ♥


35. What is your favourite holiday movie?

Lol I did not get that at first ^^’ I thought a holiday movie was a movie where the characters go on a vacation 😀 Hello language barrier haha. Thank you Google. figurered it out after all in the end ^^ My favourite holiday movie is a Czech Movie we are always watching on christmas. It is called Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel, which translates to Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella. It is the Cinderella story by the brothers Grimm (not like the Disney version). There was no trailer in english, so I put you the soundtrack, which is really nice as well 🙂


36. What is your favourite Horror movie?

Oh no. No no. No Horror movies for me, thank you ^^


37. What is your favourite Independent film?

Life of Brian. Monty Python are so great and hilarious!!

38. What is your favourite made-for-TV movie?

Ehh, I seriously can not think of one ^^’


39. What is your favourite  musical, or music-related film?

Grease ♥♥

40. What is your favourite non-English language film?

That would be Amélie. A great movie from France I adore Audrey Tautou!


41. What is your favourite Romance movie?

I like Penelope. Mostly because of James McAvoy, he is too cute.

42. What is your favourite Sci-fi movie?

Hmm I really don’t watch a lot Sci-Fi. Never got the whole Starwars/Startreck/Whatsoever hype (Sorry ^^’). But I liked Avatar.

43. What is your favourite Sports movie?

I love the movie Bend it like Beckham. I know US american people don’t really like soccer. But I am german and we love it!! (On the other hand I don’t get the excitement over american football, baseball, rugby and all these weird sports ^^’).



44. What is your favourite Suspense/thriller movie?

Ohhh no doubt. This would be Lucky Number Slevin. I very much recommend it. It is awesome!


45. What’s your favorite film series?

You might have gotten the hint already – HARRY POTTER!


46. What’s your favorite movie based on a book?

Again – that would be Harry Potter ♥


47. What’s the worst book-to-film adaptation that you’ve seen?

I love Christopher Paolinis book series about Eragon. And I hate the movie with all my soul. It is just soo baad!


48. Have you ever attended a film festival?

I once went to the DOK.fest in Munich. Which is a film festival just for ducumentaries. I have seen the movie Camp 14 – Total Control Zone about a person who escaped from a north korean work camp.

49. Have you ever appeared as an extra in a movie?

Nooo never! But I think this would be fun!


50. Have you seen any of the current Oscar-nominated films; and, whether you have or haven’t, are you rooting for any particular movies or performances?

I have seen Inside out and Joy. But I am not rooting for anything or anybody really this year, Although I kinda hope Leonardo DiCaprio wins this time.


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