10 songs of the moment

Namaste folks!

Yes! More music! I am gonna share my Top 10 of the moment with you! Hope you enjoy! The songs are in no particular order 🙂 Let me know which one you liked best!

1. Robbie Williams – Somewhere beyond the sea

Yeah Robbie Williams sure was a cutie back then. I love this swing album and ever since finding Nemo I adore this song!


2. Scouting for girls – She’s so lovely

Love this song because it makes me smile and puts me in a good mood! Songs should do that way more often.


3. Schandmaul – Narren sind bunt und nicht braun

As we are struggeling with the consequences of thousands of refugees here in Europe and in Germany, I think that’s a very nice song! Because it does not matter what colour your skin has, what you believe or where you are from. Diversity is beautiful. I did not find a translation to this song. But the essence is – Be colorful and not brown! 


4. El canto del loco – Tal como eres

This song is just the most beautiful love declaration. First time I heard it – I cried a little. Love it. I found a soso translation. *click*


5. Panteón Rococó – La carencia

That’s the kind of music I like best! SKA! I love the fast rythms and how it makes you want to jump and get crazy. This one is from a mexican band. I found one translation, but it is really just mediocre. *click* Carencia means lack.


6. die ärzte – Schrei nach Liebe

One of my alltime favourite songs. I never get tired of listening to this great song! Again – against nazis. Translation to be found here *click*


7. Pentatonix feat. Lindsey Sterling – Radioactive (cover)

I just recently discovered this band Pentatonix and I really like this acapella stuff they are doing! And I love the violin, and I think the two of them together make some great music! I also very much like the video.


8. The streets – I love you more

This song is on almost every list of my music favourits – because it just never gets old! I love this cockney accent, I love the lyrics, the video is awesomly on point and its just a great song!


9. AnnenMayKantereit feat. Milky Chance – Roxane (Cover)

I hope everyone of you knows this great song! I love this version by these two german bands, I especially love the voice of Henning May, the singer of AnnenMayKantereit. I am always surprised how such a voice comes out of such a body ^^ Love it!


10. David Garrett feat. Nicole Scherzinger – Lo ti penso amore

Last but not least some classical music by Paganini. Never knew Nicole Scherzinger had such a range! Awesome! Again – I love the violin and David Garrett (german!) is such a wonderful player! The lyrics are in italian, altough the original text was by Goethe if I am not mistaken. For the english translation *click*


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