My last vacation

Namaste friends!

Today I am gonna tell you about my last trip! Exciting!

My last vacation was in June and I went to



Me and my friend Saskia went to see our friend Laura in Brussels, as she studies there. We went for three days in total and we definetly had a blast! It was my first time in Brussels I really enjoyed my time there 🙂

Brussels is a nice city. If you like to hike and to climb on hills and mountains it is the perfect city for you as it going up and down all the time!DSC_0003

If you go to Brussels you should take the time and see the Atomium, it is a little in the outskirts of Brussels, but I thought it was worth it to take the tramway. It is nice anyway to take the tramway in Brussels, as you can see something of the city. And as Brussels is Bilingual (french and dutch) almost every street and place has two names. It is really cool to see that.


Belgium is a tiny country and you can get to other cities really quick! So we decided to go to Bruges for a day as well. Bruges is in the flemish part of Belgium, and whilst the majority of daily business in Brussels is taken care of in french, only three hours away everybody speaks only dutch. Fascinating really. Bruges is a beautiful litte city, famous for the little canals and the beautiful half-timbered little houses.

DSC_0091 DSC_0097DSC_0101

If you ever go to Belgium, there are two things you NEED to eat. Really just have to!

Belgian waffles any belgian fries. You wont find anything better. I just loooooved the fries. Yum!

decadence you have a name, and it is Belgium!

Tipp on the side: As you probably know Brussels is a really important city in Europe as a lot of the institutions of the EU are situated there. If you are interested in the history of the EU you should go to see the Museum in the Paramentarium. It is really informative, very well developed, lots of interactive stuff and audioguides in about 20 languages. Best part: It is completley free! I enjoyed it very much

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