Shuffle your music!

Namaste folks!

Today I get to share some music again! Lets find out what the first 10 songs are when I put my Ipod on Shuffle! I have my Ipod since about 5 years (yeah I know! It is a real apple product and it still lasts!)

1. die ärzte – Medley

This is a track from the MTV unplugged of the german punkrockband “die ärzte” one of my favourite bands. ♥


2. LaBrassBanda – Opa

This awesome band sings in Bavarian! A german accent they use around where I live ♥


3. Travis – Indefinetley

I discovered this band whilest listening to a playlist of a fellow swapper (swap-bot-swap) amd I quite like this band 🙂 


4. Frank Sinatra – We’ll be together one day

About a year ago I had a major Sinatra phase and since my Ipod has 160GB music just stays on there forever. 


5. Ska-P Cannabis

Nothing to say about this. Awesome song. iLegalización!


6. U2 – Raised by wolves

only found a live version. But still a great song. U2 is so good music.


7. Scouting for girls – Elvis ain’t dead

cause I heard him on the radio!


8.  The Kings of Nuthin – No responsibility

Hell yeah that voice always kills me.


9. Mark Foster feat. Sido – Au revoir

Some good german music!


10. Mamá Pulpa – Cada vez que me baño

A song about someone who hates to get baths. Love it 😀


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