Christmas photo scavenger hunt

Namaste folks,

I realize I am a bit late for the christmas photo scavenger hunt, but this has been a rather tough month for me, so I am a tad late. I hope you can forgive me this.

1. A picture with a “christmas-snack”


In Germany, it is all about the christmas cookies. There are sooo many and this year I made a lot of different kinds.
My all time favourites are “Zimtssterne” (cinnamonstars). Everything is better when it contains cinnamon!


2. Something that indicates that christmas is arriving


The minute I am able to listen to christmas songs I feel like christmas is there. This year this moment was on really late. I guess because of the weather. It was so warm this december, up to 12-14°C and that was just weird. (BTW yes – there is a filter on this picture ^^’)

3. Something red and white


That’s my cellphone screensaver ^^’ I need to get a new one now I guess ^^

4. A picture with a candle


This was the advent wreath we had. You might notice the Lord Ganesh picture – my boyfriend is Hindu and this christmas we kinda had a 50/50 decoration.

5. Something decorated christmassy


Germany is great with the christmas markets. They are called Christkindlmarkt and I love them very much! There are many little huts where they are vending snacks and hot beverages, also handicraft and all kinds of sweets and great stuff. They are always decorated really nicely and I really always enjoy going there with friends.



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