Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

Last minutepost. With christmas coming up it seems like I dont have as much time as I used to have. Sorry about that ^^’

So today I’d like to recommend you the following book:


This is now the fabulous book Stardust by the english autor Nei Gaiman!

Years ago, Dunstan Thorn fell in love with a beautiful slave from across the Wall. Nine months later, he got a baby boy on his doorstep. His son Tristan grows up unaware of his heritage, and longs for the beautiful, frosty Victoria Forester. When she rejects him, he makes a rash promise — he’ll pursue a fallen star over the Wall and bring it back to her, if she gives him her hand.

But when he finds the star, he learns that it is a beautiful young girl, a daughter of the moon named Yvaine. The dying Lord of Stormheld threw a gem to the distance and accidently knocked her from the sky. Now his sons are trying to get the gem back, since the one who gets the gem will be the next Lord. What is more, an ancient witch is pursuing the star, determined to cut out her heart so she and her sisters can be young again. To protect the lovely star, Tristan is called on to be a hero, and to learn who he really is… 

I love this book, because it is a modern fairytale for adults. It is exciting, it is funny, there is love and it is just one of these books you can’t stop reading until it is over. I love the main characters, Tristan is such a goofy, adorable person and you can not help but to love Yvaine, she is so charmingly naive.

This book has been made into a movie, so I am leaving you a trailer so you get an idea of the book. It is a very good movie, but read the book first 😉


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