My collection

Namaste folks!

I know every person has at least a small collection of something (in the end maybe just dust bunnies – but still 😉 )

So here I present you exclusivly my collection!

I got one big collection of postcards! I LOVE postcards and my goal is to receive at least one card from every country! You can check out parts of my collection on my other Blog: Love, love, love postcards

12016633_10206368977157986_1745680416_n 12025277_10206368984758176_918926698_n 12028953_10206368984798177_440127395_n 12048737_10206368984638173_1010530879_n 12048812_10206368977878004_634494209_n 12053130_10206368977317990_1347289318_n

And that’s not even everything ^^’

I think I started about 4 years ago. My mother was into postcrossing and FB’s for a long time already and she would always get so much mail and I was so jealous! And now I think postcards are like my little window to the world! Through postcards I already learned more about the world than I ever learned at school and I think it is awesome that I can see the wonders of this planet doing this.

Lately I also started to collect fridgemagnets. It is only a small collection, but I think they are great 🙂



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