Movie Scavenger Hunt

Namaste folks!

Another movie scavenger hunt! Wuuut Wuuut! Awesome! I can not wait to start! I hope you’ll enjoy it 😀

I will include a trailer to every point, so you get the chance to check the movie out! Feel free to let me know if I was able to interest you in one of the movies 😉

A movie with a character who has the same first name as you have.

Difficult!! I can only think of one:

The little mermaid

Ursula calls herself Vanessa when she tries to seduce Prince Eric. Counts! (I hope lol)

A movie with an open end.

I hate these kinds of movies. I really hate them. But there is one that I find really very good.


At the end there is this spinning top and you wait for it to fall over, but they would never show!! So you don’t know..Is it real..or not?? This was killing me! (It sstill does a little ^^’)

A movie with an animal that speaks.

I think it would be too easy to just go for an animated movie and I just recently have seen the great movie :


and it is soo funny and cute ♥

A movie that is a musical

I normally dont like these musical movies so much, but I liked

Sweeny Todd

Mainly because of Johnny Depp (♥♥)

A movie you are planing to see.

Evertime I tell people that I haven’t seen this movie everyone goes like: Whaaaat?! You haven’t seen


What is wrong with you??? So I am planning on seeing this movie for years now.

The first (or one of the first) movie you ever saw at the cinema.

I think that this was the first I ever saw:

The Jungle Book 2

A movie that made you cry.

Ahh well to be honest I cry very easily on movies. If there is just the slightest hint on something that might eventually be sad – I cry. But there was

PS I love you

and I made the mistake to see it in the cinema. People actually had to shush me, because I was crying too loud …

The most hilarious movie you have ever seen.

One of the most hilarious movies I have seen recently is without a doubt

Indespicable me

I also love the second part and of course the Minion Movie! These are so great!

A movie that takes place in Europe.

I love the movie

Blood and chocolate

Takes place in Romania

An animated movie that is not Disney.

One of my alltime favourite movies:


I just love it ♥


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