Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

It is time for another book recommendation! Great! If you decide to read it or if you have already read it, feel free to let me know what you think!!

So today, I’d like to recommend you the follownig book:

This is the book Ruby Red by the german author Kerstin Gier.

The Story evolves around Gwyneth Shepherd, who always thought to be totally normal although her family is mysterious and seems to have tons of secrets. But everything changes the moment she jumps back in time to an unknown year, where people and cars look like being taken from a museum. Chaos is on, because everybody thought that her cousin Charlotte would be the one to time travel, so she was the one to be prepared.
But now Gwyneth has to face the fade of the ruby. Member of the circle of twelve whose blood is able to reveal the big secret.
How is she about to manage her live? School, time-travels and the worst of all: her all-know-better partner Gideon, who seems the be perfect in every way…

This is the first of a series of three books and it is one of my alltime favourite books! It has truely everything! It has a secret,it has love, big enemies, a lot of funny and serious moments. You can not help but to love Gwyneth, her family, James the ghost and Xemerius the little gargoyle. Not to forget that there is time travelling! And who doesn’t love timetravelling??

This book was already made into a movie (produced in Germany but there is an english dubbed version). I put you a little trailer so you might get a better impression of the book. The movie is very watchable as well!


2 thoughts on “Let me recommend a book

  1. waaaa while I was reading the plot, before scrolling down to see the video, I was thinking “This has to be made into a movie!”. I’ll look for both 😀


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