My favourite picture of the month July

Namaste folks!

I took this photo a little while ago. It just caught my eye when I was passing by and I think this is really reflecting the time in Germany and also the time in Europe at the moment. There are so many refugees coming to Germany in this last couple of months. As much as never before. They are living under the worst circumstances, they had to flee from their countries because of war, cruelties and persecution. They seek for a better life in Germany, or basically anywhere. They want the same things as we do. A good life for themselves and their families.

But instead of supporting these people, and instead of helping them as good as they can, many people here are full of prejudices, they treat these people like animals, they are demonstrating and burning down their houses.. This is something I am ashamed for.

Sure, the politics are not perfect and I don’t want to bore you guys with this, but this is why I like this picture. Because it is true. In the end we are all humans and not that different.



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