Let me recommend a book

Namaste folks!

I just recently rediscovered a book and I can not hold my enthusiasm about this wonderful piece of literature ♥.♥

So I recommend the following book:


This is the book Mara, daughter of the Nile by Elois Jarvis McGraw. I know the cover is not very promising, but the book was published in the 50s.

Mara is a proud and beautiful slave girl who yearns for freedom. In order to gain it, she finds herself playing the dangerous role of double spy for two arch enemies – each of whom supports a contender for the throne of Egypt.

Against her will, Mara finds herself falling in love with one of her masters, the noble Sheftu, and she starts to believe in his plans of restoring Thutmose III to the throne. But just when Mara is ready to offer Sheftu her help and her heart, her duplicity is discovered, and a battle ensues in which both Mara’s life and the fate of Egypt are at stake.

I read this book in one day straight through, because I just had to know what happens next! This is one of the books you never want to end, because you fall in love with the characters and the story.

I really can’t say more, I am enchanted by this book all over and I am more than unhappy that there is just this book and nothing more about Mara.

I very much recommend it, although it might not be very historical accurate.


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