My favourite picture of the month June

Namaste folks!

I know June is long over, but apparently my mailsystem does not want to send out mails to Australia so I just decided to put my favourite picture here, so everyone can see it ha 😀

I am posting you a picture I took myself some weeks ago in Belgium 🙂
I went there for 3 days to visit a friend and it was great! She lives in Brussels and of course we went on a sightseeing tour and we especially wanted to see the Manneken Piss, the little statue of a peeing boy, which is very famous in Belgium. We arrived at the corner and we were surronded by (at least it felt like) 1000 asian people trying to make a photograph. It was just a little statue and we couldn’t take a photo for a really long time haha. Finally we did it at one point and I think it was the most difficult picture to take ever hahaha.
Well anyway I know there might be better pictures, but to me it is my favourite 🙂

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