My breakfast

Namaste folks!

I am almost a little late to post about this, but I hope it’ll be fine after all!

Today I am gonna tell you about my breakfast! In Germany they say – breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I must say I normally don’t eat breakfast, usually I just take something to go, most of the time a Birchler Müsli (more about that later).

Today it is saturday tho and I had a Breznsemmel mit Käse. In Germany we are crazy about bread. No other country has more different types of it and every german person misses the bread when they are travelling abroad. It is very usual (at least here where I live) to eat a cold dinner: Bread with cheese or cold cuts. Many people also eat this for breakfast!

On the weekends now it is very common to eat little bread rolls with marmelade, cheese, nutella, or what ever you like. I had such a breadroll today, and a special one as well, as it was made out of pretzeldough. (Germany also claimes the invention of the pretzel btw). I had it with cheese.


I know the picture is shitty, but that was the best one I took (and I took like 20! There was never a breadroll that was photographed more often than this one – I swear!).

So, well as I said, normally I just get myself a Bircher Müsli, which origniates in Switzerland I assume, but it is very popular in Bavaria as well. I have to admit tho, that I never made one myself, but I should,and you most definetly should, because it is DELICIOUS!

Bircher Müsli-page-001

This is a very plain recipe! You should add what ever fresh fruits you like! I love it with melon, strawberries, grapes, kiwi…the possibilities are endless!


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